Tiptoe Through the Tulips and a Batali Lunch!

What Rain?

We made it to the very end of the tulip festival and not a drop of rain during the trip. The tulips were beautiful and in contrast to yesterday, I didn’t go with Tiny Tim hair today.

After returning to the city we took a bus and headed for Mario Batali’s father’s (Armindino Batali) salumeria/sandwich shop in the historic Pioneer Square district called simply, Salumi. One of the many beauties of Seattle is the mass transit system. I rode a street car and a few busses and they were both convenient, fast and comfortable.

The restaurant, small and spare is only open Tuesday – Friday from 11am – 4pm, but the hospitality is warm and welcoming and what comes from behind the counters is incredible. They cure the meats themselves. I had the Porcheta sandwich. Braised pork with carrots and a seasoning mix made with the things you’d find in sausage including fennel. My friend Cathy had the prociutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich.

While we were waiting in the long line, along came a platter with a variety of meats. I tried the Molé. It had the distinct flavors of chocolate and cinnamon. It was DEElicious, but I knew after a few bites, I’d be plagued by the evil heartburn, so I decided to go with the pork. The bread was wonderful and spread with a parsley mayonnaise on one side and a garlic mayonnaise on the other — a kind of chunky garlic sauce. The next time I come to Seattle, Salumi is going to be on my list.

I’m scheduled to fly home tomorrow and won’t be home until fairly late, so I won’t be posting tomorrow, but plan to be back to my prolific wordy self on Sunday!


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