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Auntie Frannie’s Pretzels?

Home Made Pretzels

There’s nothing like a hot pretzel, is there? Tonight is not a broadcast night, no Justopia.com or Justin.tv for me, but I couldn’t resist shooting a few shots of these DEElicious pretzels I made for a snack when I got home from work this afternoon. It’s a yeast dough that you do have to let rise for an hour, but mixing it up and kneading it is not difficult if you use the dough hook of your stand mixer.

Now, here’s the inside information. I picked up a bag of pretzel mix at the store after work today. I made up a batch a couple of months ago to sample and they were very good, but I found rolling and twisting them difficult on the small amount of counter real estate I have to work with there, so I thought I’d bring a bag home and see how it can be done in the proper amount of space.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though … there’s really nothing to making pretzels from scratch with your own ingredients. The recipe follows. I’d imagine what is in the bag I brought home, aside from the packet of yeast and the packet of pretzel salt is nothing more than flour and sugar in the right proportions.

These pretzels baked up very puffy so they kind of lost the pretzel look, but they tasted DEElicious! I melted butter and brushed them once they came out of the oven. They are a much more “yeasty” pretzel than what you’d experience in a New York pretzel, much more like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel — it’s just a little sweeter and bread-like.

If you want to try a truly home made pretzel, I recommend this recipe from Gourmet as seen on Epicurious.com. It is a bit more involved, but if you have the time, it’s worth the effort to create from your own kitchen.

If you want to try pretzels the first time in a quick and easy way, head to your local Williams-Sonoma store or Williams-Sonoma.com for a package and you can be eating warm, fresh out of the oven pretzels this weekend!


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    Setting: Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa
    Episode: Flay vs. The Pretzel Boys
    Date: Aired on March 30th 2008

    I must begrudgingly confess to having watched one (and ONE only) entire episode of what I refer to as ‘Throw-up on Bobby Flay’. I will openly admit my biased towards and against this perpetually arrogant, self-gratifying Diva of The Food Network!

    I am a wannabe fiction writer and have recently finished an 800K story centered in and around Drexel University. Upon seeing the preview for the show and hearing the words ‘Drexel University’ I knew I HAD to watch. My hope was that the only episode of ‘Throw Down’ I have scheduled on my calendar in this lifetime would be seeing the Diva of Food Network rubbing pretzel salt into his… umm wounds, yeah, that’s what I meant.

    I won’t spoil the results of the competition by telling you how it ended but I will give all readers the link to one of the pretzel judge’s blogs! Here you can read about her experience with The Food Network and how Throw Down with Bobby Flay really works! **Don’t forget to read the comments posted on her blog. http://foobooz.com/2008/03/me-and-bobby-mc-flay/


    Tonight… As I lay me down to sleep… I will have this wondrous dream about the day that Justopia was explaining and preparing how to make pretzels on her live show (www.justopia.com 9 p.m. Monday through Friday) and she is interrupted by a knock on her door! It will go a little something like this…

    Justopia opens her door only to find Bobby Flay (with his Elvis sneer and reeking of Old Spice cologne) along with a small camera crew in tow. I hear the Charlie Daniel’s Bands song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” playing in the background on Justopia’s radio…

    Bobby Flay attempts to take over the kitchen with his staff of loyal minions to do battle against the loan Justopia. Reading Justopia’s pretzel entry above only proves her eventual victory and Bobby Flays subsequent firing of his Food Network staff for whole-heartedly agreeing that Justopia’s pretzels put Bobby Flay out long before the count to ten! Bobby Flay will storm out of the kitchen in a fit yelling at his crew but not before grabbing a handful of Justopia’s pretzels for the trip home! All caught on cam by the viewers of her nightly show! Sadly, the episode never airs for obvious reasons. The End.

    ps: The pretzels look great!

  2. From your lips to Bobby Flay and/or the Food Network’s ears, Tyler! I would be so excited if Flay and crew showed up here one night while I was broadcasting. Can you imagine it? They would have to ring in on the box in the lobby, but it would be a real shock. I don’t know what he would do when he saw my kitchen though. Probably faint since it’s really rather small. LOL Maybe he could cook in one of my neighbor’s kitchens. 🙂

  3. Those look fantabulous! We have Auntie Anne’s was started in Lancaster, PA. I went to high school with her children, nieces and nephews.

  4. Cool Kirsten! I love the smell of an Auntie Anne’s when I walk into a mall. 🙂

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