JTV’s Looking to Add to the Team, More JTV Publicity and A Memory Sparked


Chicken Milanese, Risotto with Mushrooms and Bacon (alas, no Pancetta in the fridge) and steamed broccoli with toasted almonds

I like to check in on the JTV blog on a regular basis. It’s a helpful place to keep up to date with information about the product, the company or individuals. When I checked in this morning, before heading to work I saw a new article posted by Michael. The title; Community Director? caught my attention. I’ve been pitching this idea in my own offhand, wordy, to the point Jusotpian blogger way for months. Well, for a year really, and am so happy to see that the company has grown to the point where a Community Director position is being discussed.

I also like the idea of gaining community input and support for the position. These are great steps, IMHO. Focus groups are a great way to obtain true insight into what customers are looking for and while the Thursday Help Chat is a kind of focus group, it doesn’t have great structure. There seem to be two things accomplished each week:

  1. Announcements of the current week’s changes/additions/installs
  2. Prize giveaways

With a person to take on the role of Community Director or whatever title the position is given, there is the potential for worthwhile communication and marketing and PR to come out of the halls of JTV. It’s not going to come easily though. It’s my belief that the person that takes on this role needs some experience, organizational skills, discipline and good old “sticktuitiveness,” translated as commitment and follow through. You know, like your mom used to talk about — finishing what you started.

As I was reading Michael’s words the creative juices started flowing and I just knew I was heading toward a monster comment on the JTV blog. I jotted down a few notes while I was blow drying my hair this morning and ran off to work with the notion that I would work the comment in my head while helping people choose olive oil and stainless steel pots and pans as I was cooking up the array of tasting samples on the cooktop.

The key to beautifully green broccoli like this is to steam or boil it until just tender and to shock it in cold water to immediately stop the cooking process

I used to be so good at daydreaming while going about other tasks, but alas, as age creeps up on me, the mind multitasking is all shot to hell. I can’t think and ring up a customer or make a Virgin Margarita with Agave15 and toss around thoughts about JTV at the same time. It’s ok. Really it is. I have spent far too long thinking about it in the past 13-plus months.

I decided that the best way for me to comment on the post was to create my version of a JTV Community Director job post. Personally, I’d have called it a Community Program Manager or Communications Manager or Director or possibly a JTV Ambassador, but a title is just words. You can find my comment at the JTV Blog or read it at the end of this post.

JTV Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Advertising

Oiy vey! That was not easy for me to type, and I am not sure it will stand as the title of this section of the post, but if you say it with the appropriate accent and vocal inflections, it works.

Anyway, a friend sent me a link to a G4 video in which JTV is mentioned. At just about 2 minutes into the video you will hear how JTV CEO (Michael Seibel) is not opening up about the details, but that they are not looking to more traditional revenue streams such as advertising to make money. The G4 piece notes that they are … well, I’ll let you listen and see what you think. It doesn’t compute with me, but hell, I have been wrong about JTV in the past and am sure I will be again in the future. So have a look and a listen and please — I implore you — please post a comment with your thoughts. I’ve got to do something to get people “talking” on the blog and on the broadcast at Justopia.com and Justin.tv/justopia_live each night. I have stopped short of singing and dancing, but soon it may come to that.

And now, as promised, my response to Michael’s Justin.tv blog post. It’s very long, but I think it captures what’s needed in this new position at JTV:

Blogger Justopia said…
You knew I’d comment. If there were no comment from me you would know that either; 1.) The Internet had taken a plunge into darkness or that; 2.) The world had come to an end.Happily, neither of these two disastrous scenarios has taken place – yet. There’s still time to stock up on rice and flour. ;)That said, below are my thoughts:

Yes! A Community Director, or Community Leader or JTV Ambassador, or better yet, a Communications Director is a great idea. Titles mean nothing, the work that’s expected and the tasks that are completed do.

I think the best way for me to articulate what I see in terms of need would be to post a job description. This is a very rough draft, but I think it gets my thoughts on the idea across:

Summary: The Community Director is the company Ambassador, willing and able to be the confident, self-assured voice of Justin.tv working to build on the current creative and dynamic JTV community. The Director, will be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of all of the organization’s communications, public relations and customer service activities and for ensuring the integrity of the organization within and outside the community that has been and continues to grow with the business.

This position oversees the development and execution of support materials for customers, both internal and external. Directs efforts to strengthen the marketing and communications programs of the company and works to ensure that Justin.tv’s best face is put forward within the JTV community, the industry and the local community.

The Community Director creates and develops strategic and tactical plans to achieve all Customer Service, Communications and Marketing Goals.

Within the organization, this position works primarily with the senior management team. Outside the organization the Community Director partners with Broadcasters and volunteer Community Leaders (Moderators and Administrators) to foster consistent and equal communications and Terms of Service Enforcement across all JTV channels, builds relationships with broadcasters and viewers and ensures that the JTV community is a welcoming platform for current and future broadcasters and viewers.

Primary Job Duties:

• Provide information regarding the product, services, events and programs
• Works with the senior management team to create a Service Level Agreement for info@justin.tv email turn-around time and achieves the goal
• Establishes guidelines for problem resolution that can be followed by all members of the team to provide fast and friendly customer service
• Acting as JTV Ambassador, coordinates media interest in the organization and ensure regular contact with applicable media and industry organizations
• Creates and delivers print and electronic materials to promote important information in a timely and consistent manner, creating and following deadlines
• Works with senior staff, other staff and volunteers (focus groups)to develop and maintain a strategic perspective and plan based on marketplace and customer needs and satisfaction
• Leads the team to create a company mission statement that will facilitate the communication of the company’s brand values, vision and direction
• Develop and coordinate a means to seek regular input from Justin.tv’s key constituencies regarding the quality of programs and services offered to help grow the viewer and broadcaster base

• Demonstrates skills, knowledge and experience in the development and execution of communications, marketing and customer service activities
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Commitment to working with shared leadership and cross-functional teams
• Ability to manage multiple projects at one time
• Experience working with volunteers is desirable
• Experience working in a customer service oriented field is highly desired
• Demonstrates computer skills
• Provides written communications portfolio or examples


As I was uploading food photos for this post I was reminded of something my sister said to me when she was here on the weekend. She was looking at my Flickr photos — on the account that is not in any way related to JTV because remember, it is still my deep, dark secret. Anyway, she said, “You always have that computer in your photos. That’s funny.” There was nothing I could say in response. I suppose I could have come up with something like, “Yeah, I am a loaner that has no one to dine with so I dine with my 2D friends,” but how pitiful is that? So I kind of chuckled and changed the subject. Whew, that was a near bust of The Justopian Life and I totally forgot about it until just now.

1:52 PM


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