Looking for a Dummies Book I Can Relate to, Is There a Dr. In the House? and a Jonas Brothers Note

The Secret

A cupcake for my niece’s birthday

It’s clear now that not disclosing my dirty little Justopian Life secret is having a negative impact on my life. How, you might ask? It’s simple really. I follow a few food blogs. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my sister – yes, the one that came to stay with me this weekend and who still, like most of my in real life (IRL) friends and family knows nothing about the Justopian life. She is responsible for turning me onto and getting me hooked on food blogs. As a result I have found countless recipes, read many informative entries and laughed hard at others that were filled with side-splitting humor. And in the midst of blog surfing I’ve seen more than a few contests. I’ve never really felt compelled to enter one of these contests, but my sister has and she recently won a cookbook penned by the FoodNetwork’s Elie Krieger.

And that brings me to today. As you know, one of my favorite foodie blogs, actually, ThePioneerWoman — announced one of her popular photo naming contests today. I’m not sure that I have an award-winning title to submit, but as I slid my cursor over to the comment box and cocked my head up and to the left, which is where I gaze whenever I am using my creative thinking gray matter, I realized that I created an avatar many many months ago that follows me wherever I go in the blog world and that if I were to enter this contest, I would surely “be made.” My sister reads the PioneerWoman religiously and she would most likely find me, errr, Justopia.

I could change the avatar to be the nondescript (to those that have never found their way to JTV — which is most of the living, breathing population of the planet earth and any other planet that is in our solar system or beyond — it’s a blue Justopian chef hat. But on the off chance she may be inclined to click on that icon, familiar to Justopia fans, she would find her way to the Justopian life. And that, my friends, as you know all too well, sends a shiver up my spine!

Taking a step back though, I realize just what a disservice I am doing to myself by not including her in my other life. I never comment on any of the food blogs we both frequent. I created a totally different Flickr account and it means I have to upload my photos to two accounts now, being careful to proof the set I am uploading to my IRL account so that there are no Justopian or Justin.tv traces that can be discovered.

This was the oops cupcake

I don’t know how those people that lead two lives IRL, with multiple wives and children and dogs and homes and cars and … underwear keep it all in check?! Maybe that’s why The Lifetime Network is filled with so many movies of that kind.

But I could use a how to book! I wonder if there is a Dummies for Successfully Leading a Secret JTV Life book hanging around Amazon.com’s inventory and if not, should I write one?

Dr. Who?

I haven’t been tuning into JTV for a number of days now, but when I poked my head in this afternoon and this evening I noticed that the Dr_suess channel was missing. I know that the movie opened this past weekend, but I’d have thought there would be some other copyrighted movie playing on the channel. I figure the broadcaster either had to get back to work or he/she had to get back to school. Either way, it’s a mystery.

The Jonas Who?

I did something I haven’t done in many many months. I turned on the TV this afternoon and tuned into Oprah. She was doing an Earth Day special. It was an interesting and fun hour, but that’s not what I am writing about. What stuck in my mind aside from Julia Roberts stating that she doesn’t use deodorant and that when questioned about it by Oprah she said she has never used it, is that there aws an ad for an upcoming show in which the Jonas Brothers are the guest. They looked older than I remember, then again they are young teens and at that age change happens on an almost daily basis.

I’d barely remember they exist if it weren’t for the Jonas Brothers user names people have created on JTV. Nah, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in for that show.


2 Responses

  1. You have a good weblog , i think i will check your weblog some days for every week .

  2. Alen,

    Thanks for reading and for the comment! I write Monday through Saturday, but sometimes something is banging around in my head that I let fly on the keyboard on Sundays. It’s always a surprise to me 🙂

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