Photo Memories, Gearing up for a Great Holiday and an Unannounced Contest. Read on!


When I began blogging a year ago I needed to break up the massive amounts of text with photos. Before I began shooting my meals I would take photos of the incredible sunsets I am lucky to see from my balcony each night as the sun makes it’s way north. I noticed that it’s becoming spectacular again this week so tonight I will include a few. It will get better as the season progresses.

Company’s Coming

Last year memory of Passover is still etched in my mind. The few of us that had “discovered” were treated to an interesting Passover celebration at “the frat house.” Michael and Laurent, his girlfriend (I think, although I really never heard her referred to that way from him on camera, so it’s still merely speculation) hosted a Seder for friends in their apartment in Crystal Towers. They were seated in a circle, and I remember Michael and others telling the story of Passover, and food being passed around as well as wine which is as much a part of this holiday as candy is on Halloween.

I don’t really remember how long it went on, I was not yet blogging, so the memory has no visual or textual backup. You’ll just have to trust me and my memory on this one. It was in the very early days and most nights ended up with Justin in some kind of drunken state. It was during the time he was broadcasting 24 hours a day. When we’d go to the bathroom with him, to sleep with him, to his meals, to his meetings, and whatever else Justin had on his docket for the day.

I have to admit, I am wax nostalgic for those days. Nah, not to see Justin doing whatever it is he does, rather, for the way things were in my own life — somehow brighter, more upbeat and sublime. I think I was probably still in layoff denial. It was just a month after my official last day on the payroll at AOL and I don’t think my brain accepted the fact that after a dozen years, I was not going to all of the sudden be needed there again.

A bit to the right of the sun you can see a plane making it’s way to the airport.

I also was under the impression that I was, at any moment, going to be gainfully employed in my field. I was hopping on planes being flown to cities and towns around the country and across the Pacific for discussions and job interviews at that point, early in the job search game.

Well, here I am over a year later and not working in my field and I’ve finally admitted that my life has taken a different turn and that this path is an uphill one that will require a lot of stamina and perseverance.

On the eve of Passover as I reflect on all of this I have just one thing to say — I sure hope it doesn’t take me 40 years of walking through the desert of the job market to find my new “home.” And as a couple of us that were affected that particular layoff have lamented recently, not only did we lose our jobs, a little of our dignity and hope, but friends as well. It is as though we have become pariahs and it spread beyond former colleagues. It seems to have happened with friends outside of work. Both real and virtual. Oh well, no use whining about that now, is there? It’s time to take a deep breath and move on.

My sister and niece are coming for the weekend and I have removed all vestiges of Justopia Cooks from view. The cameras are squirreled away. The monitor is perched back on a little table in the bedroom, but without a cable box in there it’s pretty much useless. The cables are coiled up behind the big desktop machine that’s in a corner, but which I know they will notice. Absolutely nothing slips by them. šŸ™‚

I suspect I won’t be able to keep my secret while they are here and will end up spilling the beans. Or, it’s entirely likely I have forgotten to hide something away. I have 3 giant notebooks full of recipes that I didn’t have before. I have Twitter and tee shirts and an apron and a tote bag that could end up being found. There are stickers lurking in drawers that I have yet to dig up. So see, my secret may not be a secret for long. I did remember to put the JTV Broadcaster Highlight Award trophy away. šŸ™‚ Maybe we should have taken bets to see how long before they were let in on the secret. I wanted to give away some Justopia Cooks hot pepper jelly, so maybe that should be the way.

So here’s what we will do. Send me mail with your guess — Did I spill the beans? Did they find me out on their own. If they ended up finding out, how long did it take — i.e. what day and time did they find out? The winner will get a jar of hot pepper jelly! Be sure to send your entries to I’ll let you know who the winner is on the show on Monday night at

Ok, I have to do a run-through to ensure everything is tucked away.

“See” you in the kitchen on Monday at 9pm Eastern!


3 Responses

  1. I think you’re going to spill the beans tomorrow in the afternoon. :-/

    I enjoyed your sunset. I don’t have such a great view. My kitties love it, though, because they get to watch pigeons. Thankfully, though, I do get a lot of light, especially in the afternoon.

    What about applying to work for a booming company like google?

  2. I’m not telling. Not yet, anyway. I will fill you all in during the broadcast tonight.

  3. Oh boy, I’ll try to remember to tune in if I take a break. I’m going to be knee deep in a 20 page term paper on Paranoid Schizophrenia. Fun, fun!

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