What Would Dr. Seuss Say?

I read this post during my broadcast tonight because I think poetry deserves to be heard. I did some editing after the show to polish the piece and you can read the current version below. There is a link to the channel within the post.  I have a problem with people that feel pirating copyrighted material is not ok.  My argument is why punish the artists?  Movies and software don’t fall from the sky.  It takes time, people and money to produce entertainment and I just don’t understand why people feel entitled to any of it for free?

So I made a little rhyme in the spirit of Dr. Seuss after I noticed a high quality run of Horton Hears a Who the night the movie was released.

Break Out the Popcorn!

When I woke up this morning and turned on JTV,

I surfed the channels to see a surprise awaiting me.

I clicked on the bar to see what was on,

And I saw what I thought would soon be gone.

Because on the screen with clear color and sound,

Was a movie that’s in theaters being shown around town.

A rejected elephant trying to show that he’s sane,

While the doubters of Whoville thought he was just playing a game.

The movie rolled on much longer than I’d expected,

Because I thought surely Justin would have it ejected.

For the people dropping nine dollars in theaters right now,

Aren’t likely to be happy JTV viewers see it for free somehow.

With pirates invading the network this day,

How long before someone speaks up and says FOR THIS YOU MUST PAY!

Let this be a lesson to one and to all,

A copyrighted movie’s a protected movie, no matter how small.


2 Responses

  1. Great poem! I love it.

  2. Thanks Austin! It was fun to write.

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