Why is So Much Clarification Needed in an Online World and Have You Ever Heard of Bamboo Rice?

NOTE: It’s been a very long time since I’ve done an audio version of a blog post, but somehow, the subject matter tonight just seemed to warrant it. I hope it helps to clarify my point — it’s about being understood.

You can listen to the blog post here:


This is what a cup of bamboo rice looks like

A situation cropped up this evening that made me stop and think once again about this sometimes confusing, frequently fragile, and often combative virtual world we live in on JTV.

I was in the Quintano_media channel for a little while tonight as I was sorting out my most recent justopia.com grocery receipts. I’ll admit, I was not paying full attention to the broadcast. I had come in from a relaxing few hours out with a friend and signed on to see what was going on at JTV on a Sunday afternoon. Anthony had asked me for some blog help just before I ran out to lunch so when I got back I thought I’d stop by to see if he had things sorted out.

As I was working on organizing my papers, Anthony mentioned that one of the JTV viewers/participants/broadcasters, Designergirl had been in a terrible accident. I am familiar with Designergirl as a frequent “face” during The MagicRich Show. I referred to her as a MagicRich fan, but apparently that hit a nerve with some of her friends.

I lurk in Magic Rich’s room a few times a week and I don’t recall a time when Designergirl was not in there “manning the room,” helping out, keeping things “under control.” My response to the question was never intended to be negative, disparaging or hurtful, however it seems I caused a bit of a stir with some of her friends. In my dictionary, Fan is nothing more than a descriptive noun, one that describes an admirer, a devotee.

It tastes a bit like spinach. It’s got an “herby” kind of hint to it.

In my time here I’ve witnessed a lot of “stuff” on JTV. What I have learned is that this is an absolute virtual reality, but that real live, living, breathing people are on the other side of the keyboard and that they have feelings. Words often seem to fly around without much consideration of the consequences in many cases and I can only begin to imagine what goes on in private messages — both instant and email.

Rice and Short Ribs with a Side of Broccoli

Things around JTV are quite often upbeat, but at times people get hurt and people get angry and people silently brood over actions and comments that are put forth and I was just a bit surprised to receive pointed mail from someone I’m not sure I’ve ever “spoken” with in the past.

I participation as a chatter has been waning in the past 7 months and when I am in a room, I often won’t bother to log in. That helps keep me from participating in chat. In most rooms I just seems increasingly difficult to make myself understood in chat. I “hear” my voice just as though I am saying it out loud, and in turn I “hear” what is said to me as though I am really hearing it, but I think I often misread situations. Ok, I know I often misread what is being communicated to me on the screen.

I don’t feel like having voice conversations with most people I communicate with on JTV, but jeez, sometimes I think it’s the only way I can feel comfortable that I have gotten the message, or more importantly, that I’ve delivered the message accurately and appropriately.

That said, I hope Designergirl is on her way to a full and speedy recovery!


3 Responses

  1. Groovy!

  2. Video Blog: It was nice to see a video blog as this is a first for me. As someone who enjoys reading (non-fiction) and writing (fiction) I appreciated that you posted your blog both ways. I agree with what you said in Justopia.com tonight about internet chat doesn’t always convey the emotions and sentiment behind words typed but I still prefer to ‘read’ your blog. It’s a bit like receiving a nicely wrapped gift from someone on a daily basis and knowing that it isn’t something you’re going to have to return to the store.

    “Living the Justopian Life” blog is not unlike settling down to a good piece of cheesecake after having a deeeeelicous meal. (that was for Dez 😉 Some people like to devour their dessert and move on; where as I prefer to savour the each bite at my own pace. Your entries are always thoughtful, insightful, and well organized – please don’t ever give up your talent for writing in exchange for videos. When I am reading a chapter in a story I am more attuned to trying to figure out where the author is taking me hence making the journey more fun. The journey is usually as good or better than the destination. I think reading will always stimulate the brain in ways ‘tv’ never will!


  3. Hi Tyler!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I began recording the blog posts and posting them at the beginning of each post because people were commenting that I was a bit too “wordy.” The beauty is that you have your choice. When I record a blog post it is just in addition to the written version. Since I am now truncating the posts to make loading the front page quicker, it was easy to miss, but if you hit the Continue Reading link you can get to the full written version.

    Not many people end up clicking on the video link anyway. 🙂 Out of the 200 people that read the blog today, only 18 have watched the video. Interesting, right?

    Anyway, thanks for reading and for commenting!

    “See” you in the kitchen!

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