JTV, KFC and Justopia Cooks in the Same Blog Post?

Time Off

Today was my first “official” Saturday off. No Justopia Cooks broadcast. I spent some time editing the schedule so people would not be confused (hopefully) and I went in to check and see if anyone had gone into the site or the channel on JTV to look for a show, but it looked like with the JTV server upgrades/moves, any chat history was purged.

I worked, came home, sat back and DID NOT COOK. I had a serving of leftover eggplant parmesan from the other night that I heated in the oven and it was DEElicious. I have a few leftovers yet to get through and the freezer can be officially declared back to “normal.” It’s been piled high with Justopia Cooks leftovers for a few months, but now I can actually see light in there.

I’m Shocked

It you take a close look at the image above, you’ll see that AOL reported that one of the busiest KFC locations, in the category of “rest of the world” is in Les Halles in Paris, France. If memory serves me correctly, Les Halles was once the large central market in Paris, but is now a modern underground shopping mecca. And the US restaurants, Brasserie Les Halles is where Chef Tony Bourdain has the title, “chef at large.”

It is hard for me to imagine that Les Halles ranks as the #3 spot of busiest KFC’s in the world. What are they serving there and how much does it cost? Do you think if the colonel was alive he would be understood in Paris and would he understand the Parisians?

I’ll admit, Je voulais que le poulet croustillant, cole slaw s’il vous plaît et un côté de frites sounds so much better, so much more sophisticated than, “Gimme the crispy chicken, cole slaw and a side of fries,” but seriously, KFC?


4 Responses

  1. That’s funny! Wow!
    I once worked at the busiest 7 Eleven (at that time). It was on the campus of Temple U.

  2. Wow, I’ll bet that job had it’s moments. 🙂

  3. It breaks my heart when people told me they just ate at Taco Bell or KFC. Poison.

    I guess it works this way, but in France its called “KFC.” In Quebec its called “PFK” The reason is that Quebec has very strict laws regarding outside sign having to be in French. PFK = Poulet Frit en Kentuckey.

  4. Oh no! Poulet Frit en Kentuckey avec Pommes Frit? What a marketing mess!

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