A Happy Surprise, Where is Bradman Now? and An Unexpected Lesson in Etiquette

Haven’t Even Started

We long ago established that I am a clicker. Banner ads, widgets, bold links, you name it, if an ad catches my attention I click. I am “the one” that AdMen and Women hope for. I am “the one” that is drawn in by the creative fuel that drives Madison Avenue to create compelling advertisements. I’m impressionable. I’m easily swayed by bright, beautiful, creative artwork and catchy text. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am that cash cow.

I tell you this because yesterday during my blog surfing, I noticed a sidebar widget on a couple of blogs and was enticed to click. The fiery colors and catchy text drew me in and I quickly signed up for FuelMyBlog, but I didn’t have time to really investigate. When I opened my mailbox this morning I was met with a pleasant surprise. I was awarded the Blog of the Day. Yippee, how fun! When you get a chance, look to the right and check out my very lonely FuelMyBlog widget. I’ll be spending time reading and fueling blogs now.

Have You Heard?

A random viewer was running through rooms dropping a link to a site called GotCast and shouting about The Bachelor and how former JTV broadcaster Bradman is a shoe-in to be cast for the next season of The Bachelor. I was curious, so I headed right over. Well, the link is to a site that is part of the casting process for a variety of broadcast television shows and if you go out and take a look, you’ll see that Bradman is now #9 in the lineup for The Bachelor. Bradman? Yes, Bradman.

The viewer was frantic, telling everyone that if he makes it into the top 10 (he was #15 when I looked) he would be cast, that ABC could not eliminate him. Ummmm… how does that math work, exactly? Anyway, he’s now in the top 10, but I just took a look at the other 9 in the lineup and I’m not betting on it. I don’t watch the show, but if Bradman is the Bachelor I’m in. Just as I will watch Big Brother if iJustine is locked into the house.

Bathroom Phobia Revealed

I have been tuning into TheWoodyShow this week and think it’s GREAT! If you haven’t clicked on the icon yet, I urge you to do so — STAT! When I tuned in today I had just finished breakfast and had second thoughts about having done so once I heard the subject matter — Bathroom Etiquette. Yikes! Anyone that knows me in real life is well aware of my public bathroom phobia so this was sure to be fun!

Well, the guys on The Woody Show went there. They regaled us with stories, situations and scenarios from Men’s rooms and Ladies rooms. Anything you can think of was discussed. I was laughing. Laughing hard. It was gross, it was over the top, it was hilarious live comedy.

Lamburger with Dulce de Tomate and Sauteéd Mushrooms & Onions, Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Salad

Outside of entertainment value, what I’ve been noticing about the show is the quality of the video feed. There is no lag. The audio synchs with the lips, the verbiage is on time with the chat. Woody thanked JTV for the help, talked about the 5 camera (soon to be 6) set up and noted that the quality of the feed is much improved this week thanks to Justin and team (yep, he named them all).

And buffering? Well, there was barely any. It’s a weekday morning and there are 2333 viewers on the network, 1/3 of which are hanging out here in TheWoodyShow, but there’s been no notable disruption. I guess they know how to set their Broadcaster settings. 😉

But I digress, back to The Woody Show …

Jan the Hat Lady was on doing movie reviews and I was pulled right in. She reviewed a few films and talked about television shows, all focused on dysfunctional families. As she was talking about the new movie called Smart People I immediately opened a new browser tab, headed to IMDB and read a review before watching the trailer. Then I looked up the show times at the theater in my neighborhood and decided to head over for the 4:40 showing and really enjoyed myself.

To those of you nay-sayers out there, JTV has it’s moments and yes, at times, there is value.


2 Responses

  1. Woody is the absolute worst. But I am not going to continue on that route. Jan the Hat Lady is a well known local celebrity in San Francisco. She seems pretty nice, but she drives a shitty car and gets mad when you parking in her spot. Thanks to her though in a sorta way, I was able to meet my idol growing up: Bea Arthur.

  2. Jan seemed nice, but she was a little abrasive. And yes, she is a bit Maudi-sh. No, not maudlin … Maud-ish.

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