Canning with Justopia? A Little Kitchen Mishap (or How NOT to) and a Flash Problem in the Middle of the Night!

Peppers Everywhere!

I didn’t spend any time on the network today. I had things to attend to that involved reality, not virtual reality. You know, dealing with taxes, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning. The boring, mundane things of adult life, but they have to be done, so I stayed away from JTV until I returned home and tuned in to see what was going on. And frankly, it was just more of the same. So I headed into the kitchen to see what I could dream up to broadcast for dinner.
Hot Pepper Jelly Breakfast

Home made olive bread toast with a schmear of cream cheese and fresh, hot pepper jelly. DEElicious!

When I got back from the store I put together a video with instructions for making your own hot pepper jelly. It’s easy, fun and not very time consuming. I think you should all give it a try. Tomorrow I will be making a batch of jelly with green jalapeños and some additional ingredients to add some interest.

I used the jelly with seared pork.

Now, what in the world am I going to do with all of this jelly?! Perhaps I need to launch a “Canning with Justopia” channel. 🙂

Seared, Boneless Pork Chip, Mashed Potatoes with Feta Cheese and Steamed Artichoke with Wasabi Ranch

Carelessness in the Justopian Kitchen Leads to Pain

I seared not only the pork, but my hand as well, which luckily, went unscathed

For those of you that were worried, I show you the hand. As you can see, the only thing wrong is how alarmingly dry it looks. Embarrassing! It hurt like hell when I did it, but luckily the kitchen is small and the ice maker was just steps away and provided the relief needed to stop the burn from becoming what normally would have happened if someone picks up a pan that’s been in a 450º oven for 40 minutes.

I was lucky. Watching it in the highlight that Tigergreg created after “the incident” makes me shiver. It was a class act. I have had a few mishaps in the kitchen in the past 48 hours and think I need to take a step back, review and slow down. The camera angle on the Prep Cam doesn’t pick up a what goes on at counter level, so all you get from this video is a momentary yelp and the run for ice. If you’re not logged into, you miss all the really good stuff! 🙂


I am a little worried about tomorrow night’s broadcast. It seems my copy of Flash decided it was unhappy with me a little while ago. I just installed a new copy and can see other live channels fine. I can now go out to and see the video and chat box load (of course I am not broadcasting so the graphic is what I expect to see in the video window, but before I did a delete and reinstall, there was nothing but the music player. The problem is that when I go into JTV and launch the broadcaster tool all I see is my playlist.

The good news is that I am not seeing the funky graphic that is in the image above. I hope to have it resolved by broadcast time tonight. What a mess. It’s 3:30am and I’ve finally gotten back into WordPress to finish up this post.  I think I may now have a version of Flash that’s not compatible with the JTV Broadcaster, but I am becoming bleary-eyed so I think I will put off troubleshooting the rest of the issues until I’ve had some sleep.  Maybe it will be one of those resolutions that comes to me when I’m sleeping like I experienced a couple of weeks ago.  Ya think?  🙂


2 Responses

  1. BAD PAN!!!!
    Glad your hand is ok. This one will go in with such classics as “Fire, Fire” : )

  2. Yes, I suspect that before I know it, there will be a whole section at YouTube with Justy mishaps. eeek!

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