I’m Worried About Our Future



Veal Chop with Roasted Tomato Cream Sauce, Potatoes and Green Beans

I tuned into a show today that was another one of those, “can’t stop watching the trainwreck” channels after my I got done with my broadcast and the dishes and was left kind of breathless. Stunned really. And not in a good way. I had no idea what I was going to write about again tonight, so I thought I’d take a spin around the JTV channel bar and landed in a channel which made me question the state of the world once again. Or maybe the state of the world according to JTV.

It was a bunch of guys sitting around with 40’s in their hands doing a shock jock kind of broadcast. I never made my presence known. I fought it, and fought it and fought it until they went on a break and I silently slipped out never to have been noticed. Whew! I would not want anyone to have known I was in there. It would have been much too embarrassing.

It worried me. These guys — or really, shouldn’t I call them boys — were talking about women, or girls as they referred to all females, as though they were disposable toys or trash that needed to be taken out.


There was a ranking of JTV broadcasters, or maybe it was broadcasters and viewers, I’m not sure and really didn’t care to bother to find out. They were ranking them on lame attributes, not worth writing about, but as the guys continued to slurp down their paper bag covered 40’s they made comments such as “I was so wasted on Xanax that I couldn’t remember who I was with that night,” and “You’d never be embarrassed to be seen with her,” The term dame was even used by a chatter at one point. I believe that comment was taken from a magazine article that was being used as the basis for the channel’s JTV “girl” ranking segment tonight, and the word dame, well maybe the chatter that used the term just got finished watching Damn Yankees or something. Nevertheless, it’s a comment and a term that dates back to the 50’s, most likely before some of these guys’ parents were born.


I don’t want to ramble on about this, or surely I’ll suffer the consequences, I’ve said it before, I’m worried about our future. I mean, can you imagine these guys being our leaders in the future?

Thankfully they can’t be representative of a whole generation. Can they?


6 Responses

  1. Oh, but they can be.

  2. Hi Christine!

    I sure hope we’re wrong about that or it’s going to be a miserable few decades.

  3. Justopia, didn’t your parents think the same way about people from your generation when you were younger?

  4. i feel the same. I’m worried about the future. What will happen in the future? that’s the question? and I never find the answer?

  5. Good point, Tom.

    However, and you knew there would be a however … although my parents did have worries and YES, they had worries, I don’t think they worried that the generation their daughters were a part of were going to impact society negatively. As a matter of fact, I remember my mom specifically speaking of all the possibilities and potential my friends and I were going to be a part of and the change we could help facilitate.

    But, by the age of the group I was writing about, my friends and I were getting married, having children, starting our careers, etc. It just seems that somehow were were on a different track. I look around me in the malls and on the news and a much different picture is being painted.

    I’m no Gloria Steinem, but when I was growing up it was more about making women equal members of society, not tagging them with derogatory labels such as “MILF’s,” or “Schoolgirls” or whatever other categories the broadcasters were throwing out there the other night.

    In retrospect, I may have been too quick with my post. I shouldn’t be all gloom and doom. I have children in the age group I was writing about and if I look at them and their circle of friends and acquaintances, I am not so worried about what the future holds.

    Perhaps it’s the friends I’m hanging around with on JTV. 😉 And that was the one thing my parents did worry about … “Oh lord, I hope she’s not hanging out with …”

  6. I think I was a little too quick to post also, I read your blog entry and thought “oh no another person complaining about the younger generation, history repeats itself again”, but you bring up some good points. Getting drunk and degrading women is something that shouldn’t be “cool”, and it seems to be getting worse and more accepted. In the end though I think like these guys are just acting like jerks, which isn’t a smart thing to do especially with a camera broadcasting and archiving. Is our future in trouble? Wasn’t our current president a big party boy in college? We’re doomed anyway!

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