The Canning Season Begins Early at


I don’t have much to say tonight. It’s been a few days of intense cooking and things in real life were filling my brain more than JTV today so I will just post some mouth-watering photos and call it a blog post. I will warn you. I was not thinking with a clear head and didn’t do my usual job of documenting a lot of the steps in each recipe, but here are a few shots to get your mouth watering. Enjoy!


This is the no knead bread recipe for Rosemary-Lemon No-Knead Bread from Williams-Sonoma


I used de Carlos olives for this bread, but next time I will use something with a more defined olive taste — perhaps an oil cured olive. The flavor of these olives leached out into the bread. Not a bad taste, but it left the many olive pieces tasteless.


I spent hours over a hot pot producing Dulce de Leche — or Argentina’s (and Chile’s) famous, incredibly DEElicious “milk jam” or caramel. I can’t believe I neglected to take photos of the deliciousness, but don’t fear, I will soon be stirring up another batch. I used fresh vanilla beans rather than extract or paste.


It looks almost like caviar, doesn’t it? It’s about as expensive too!


Then I got crazy again. I made the same treat I blogged about on Saturday … Frannie’s Dulce de Leche Dumplings




This is an over the top, incredibly decadent, DEElicious, DEElectable Desert! Home made coconut ice cream with Frannie’s Dulce de Leche Dumplings. Words can not describe the DEEliciousness!


I made the ice cream tonight and scooped out a large spoonful for the bowl before putting a hot dumpling on top. Because the dumpling was hot and the ice cream (more like gelato really) was fresh with no preservatives and went directly from the ice cream maker to the bowl, it started to melt quickly. It didn’t matter to me. I’ve created a highlight of the ice cream as it was completed which you can watch here


One of the blogs listed in my blogroll, From Argentina with Love, had a recipe for Dulce de Tomate — Sweet Tomato Jam. I could not resist whipping up a batch and canning it tonight. You’ll find the recipe about 1/2 way down the page.




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  1. I am so impressed! Looks delicious-I’ll send this link to my suegra (it’s her recipe;) ) Thanks!

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