.TV Marketing Comes to Life on Justin.tv

The Experiment Worked


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Well, it worked on me, that’s for sure. I noticed The Human Lab Rat channel when it launched on JTV recently and saw a few people chatting about it in various rooms, but I get freaked out when it comes to seeing medical stuff and the thought of seeing a vine growing under a person’s skin well, that not only held no appeal, it held negative appeal.

Yes, I went into the room and I tried not to look at the photos in the banner, and thankfully they were kind of blurry, so I watched for about 15 more seconds and when he was at the point of showing the vine under his skin, I promptly walked out of the room and didn’t go back … until this morning.

I noticed someone in the Help Channel asking why JTV doesn’t ban The Human Lab Rat channel. I’m wasn’t sure why they wanted it banned at that point, but it did make me curious enough to want to take a peek in the room one more time. So, when I was at the doctor this morning and had some time to kill I took another look. I watched, but this time all the way through. Yes, I said all the way through. All the way through what you might be asking right about now, but I’m not sure I want to tell you. It’s more fun to experience this marvel of .tv marketing for yourself. And I am not being sarcasti, I simply don’t want to ruin your fun.

Beware, if you’re squeamish don’t look at the next image, although if you think about it, it’s not much worse than a guy’s arm when he’s working out really hard and his veins are popping out. Well, kind of. 🙂


I think this new channel is absolutely incredible in it’s ability to advertise. The Human Lab Rat has since changed it’s channel icon. Now it is just a headshot of the guy we see broadcasting. You know, the guy showing us the vine growing beneath the skin of his left forearm.

Yeah, that guy up there — the 7th one in from the left. You’ll have to click the image to enlarge it enough to see clearly. As I listened to the dialog over, and over, and over again, I began to catch on. I kept refreshing the room to ensure what I was seeing in the chat room made sense and that the conversation went with what was going on in the room. There were the usual OMG’s and GTFO and other chat room lingo going around and I saw my username once or twice. Listen to what’s being said. I mean really listen.

Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun, but I implore you to go check out this room. I took countless screen shots so that I could use to illustrate what I am talking about, but I just don’t want to ruin it for you. You’ve got to spend a few minutes in there yourself to see what all the fuss is about. I am not sure why someone went to the Help Channel to ask that the channel be banned really. To me, it’s good fun. If you don’t make your way through the entire thing though, you will think I am totally nuts for being so impressed with the brilliance of the design, marketing and technology of this channel.

Once enough people have told me they have checked out the channel and have “gotten it” I will go into further detail, but I don’t like to ruin surprises, so I will just leave it at this. Check out the dialog in the chat room in the screen shot below and then go into the channel yourself and see what you find. This isn’t the Jonas Brothers, ladies and gentlemen. This is likely to appeal to a wider audience of many different ages. It’s just good plain scary fun.


Ain’t technology grand? 😉


7 Responses

  1. i liked it ……….very clever

  2. Sorry Justopia, but this guy is a total jerk.

  3. But who is he Pceasy? Is he an actor in the movie or just a guy they got for the commercials? I can’t find anyone that looks like him on imdb or The Ruins wiki article or the Dreamworks site for the movie.

    I loved the technology on the JTV channel. It’s all very polished though so it just took a 2nd look for me to realize it was all automated. Even the viewer count on that channel does not move, it remains at 0 no matter how many times you enter the room. I was in and out of there to get screen shots to show that the people he was allegedly chatting with were always the same and that my name showed up at the same point each time as well.

    I like it because it’s slick marketing. I have no plans to go see the movie though. Hell! I could not even watch the promo all the way through when it finally appeared. Horror flicks aren’t my genre. No surprise there, eh?

  4. I watched that channel a couple of weeks ago and thought it was cool.
    I admit I kind of got sucked in the first time around and almost said hi back to xstackx. Then I wondered why they kept using my name to get him to show the vine when I hadn’t said anything to any of ‘the other chatters’.
    What a great marketing tool, inexpensive (in comparison to TV trailer ads) and it hits a wide variety of marketing demographics. All in all, the programming to include the names of the folks that join in the chat is genius.
    Now I probably would go and see the movie because of the ad. And I look forward to the next ‘lifecaster movie ad’.

  5. It got me sucked in so far that I almost had myself convinced to make plans to go see the movie, but I am such a wuss I get scared at my own spelling errors. I can’t imagine going to this movie. I am the type that puts her hands over her eyes at scary things and will even try to cover my ears at the same time, because the scary music freaks me out too! LOL

    But I do think the future is wide open to future possibilities for more movie promotion.

  6. As someone who is studying marketing I find myself awestruck at the campaign used to promote this movie, but like the promotion of any product one must see how the end user reacts to said strategy and does the consumer purchase the product?

    Once you dive into studying marketing you lose your naivety. I am no longer a ‘typical consumer’. You learn that when the ‘sale held over due to popular demand’ means that it flopped. Average consumers, conned by mislead marketing promotions, are also becoming wiser. There will always be the Wal-Mart shopper who thinks they are saving money – hahaha *ahem* but as the economy spirals downward the intelligent consumer will rank value for the buck above all other factors.

    The Human Lab Rat marketing ploy is innovative at minimum! As consumers devour more internet time and less television we will likely see more of this embedded type of marketing – sadly.

    Those of us who are running older Micro Soft systems often suffer from this ever-expanding form of internet mass media marketing. When I leave my hotmail dot com account I am whisked away to MSN sympatico news page with floating pop-up ads that no longer have “X” boxes to close them while hovering over the latest news items of the day. Advertisements like these only make me oppose the company and their product. HLR froze up my computer and forced me to reboot though through no fault of their marketing campaign.

    Had it been a movie I would be interested in seeing I would have praised their marketing strategy while still cursing the invasion into my computer. I was left feeling that my computer had been infected with a virus, which while not unlike the movie’s plot, I seriously doubt that this is the effect HLR wished to leave on this consumer?

    I’m certain that this marketing strategy helped to promote Justin TV as viewers would send the link out to all of their friends (and enemies?) that would in turn, promote Justin TV in the wake of growing competition. Cheers – if that was accomplished! Let’s hope that Justin TV got compensation for the hits and bandwidth usage.

    My brief thought about complaining to Justin TV about HLR was overruled by the fact that I don’t pay to be here! Too often I see people complain about Justin TV’s down time when they forget how much money it is costing them to lifecast.

    HLR is an innovative strategy that failed for this not-so-typical consumer but I’m fairly certain that many of the Wal-Mart shoppers will wait in line at movie theatres to enjoy two hours of escapism. P.T. Barnum said it best…

  7. You make good points TylerPeel. I too have witnessed things from a marketing standpoint, although from the Customer Service side of the world, which included hearing directly from members. It’s interesting and eye-opening to witness things from that vantage point.

    The Ruins is still not a movie I would ever go to see and is one I would quickly click past on my remote, but it did catch my attention.

    I know the floater ads you are talking about and while I like the esthetics of those ads, they are rather annoying when you can’t click past them or shoo them away. 🙂

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