A Change in Plans, The Clickable Chef and New Channels on JTV Providing Content


I was going to write about the channels broadcasting sports and network television on JTV once again tonight. I started writing and before I knew it time had run away with me and I needed to dash out to meet a friend for lunch. By the time I came back, my mind was off to another topic — passport renewal — and about the time I finished uploading the shots for the post I found myself in Anthony’s room and was into virtual dinner preparation. I looked up and had just 15 minutes before it was time to head into the kitchen and make dinner. So, the original post went to the back of the shelf, the passport renewal post went to the next rung on the shelf and The Clickable Chef became tonight’s #1 topic with a very brief look into a new JTV channel — Ed Dale and The Thirty Day Challenge. The rebroadcasting argument isn’t dead, I just moved on.

To the Rescue


So, you’ve got a problem. You’re standing in the kitchen, on camera, broadcasting for all the world to see. Two beautiful New York strip steaks are in your hands and you are not sure what to do next. They are frozen like a rock, just out of the freezer. Actually, they are a little frosty. That freezer of yours is not as up to date as you’d like and it leaves your food with frost around the outside, no matter how you package it. You’re standing in the middle of the kitchen a bit perplexed. What are you going to make to go along with the steaks? Your wife worked today and you were at home taking care of all things domestic. Tonight is your night to make a nice dinner and you don’t know what you want to make.

In the freezer is more Costco fare; packages of frozen corn and frozen broccoli spears. Hmmm… what to do, what to do? Your wife if due home in a little while and you want to make something she will enjoy for dinner, yet you just don’t know what to do with either the steaks or for side dishes.


Out comes the corn and a question for the audience; “What should I do with the corn?” a viewer/chatter types back, “What do you usually do with the frozen corn?” to which the reply is, “I usually just boil it and add butter and salt.” I balk! That’s it?


And then the call for help — “Justopia, I need your help please.” Well, I’m a nice person. No! Really, I am a VERY NICE person and when there’s a call for help that I can knowledgeably offer assistance with, I happily answer the call. This is cooking. Yes! I can help!


Anthony, of justin.tv/quintano_media quickly downloads a copy of Skype and before long we are on the “phone” walking through the Quintano’s dinner preparation. By the end of the conversation fried rice was complete and all Anthony had left to do was cook up the steaks. It appeared to be a success. Well, you take a look for yourself.

A virtual cooking class for Anthony

Hmmm…is the a business in this somewhere? πŸ™‚

I have to tell you, this was a lot of fun. Now, what am I going to make for dinner? My broadcast begins in 39 minutes!

Interesting Content


I’m happy. I tuned in a little while before show time and saw new icons on the channel bar. One of them caught my eye. I’m not sure what attracted me to click the mouse button and enter the realm of eddale, but I’m glad I did. He’s an interesting guy that put on a planned show from his place in Australia. What I found most startling was his chat room. He was in the #1 place on the Featured Channel bar and had well over 100 viewers, yet his chat was calm. It was almost as though his chat was on valium. It was not in Slow Mode. It was a room full of polite, mature, courteous people.


Ed Dale. Internet marketer extraordinaire, with Twitter feed crawling on the bottom of his video feed, collection of guitars, waiting to be picked up and played in the background next to bookshelves packed with reading materials while broadcasting on JTV came to us with a sparkling personality and lilting Aussie accent to teach us about small niche marketing on the internet. I know nothing about small niche internet marketing, but something about the broadcast, the massive amount of information he seemed to be imparting upon the quiet viewers was appealing. I don’t know what he was pitching really. I figure that in the end, it was all about signing up for something that would cause the interested to open their wallets. I’ve been reading about people making impressive amounts of money in internet marketing and it’s piqued my interest, but I am a rather skeptical person, so I am not sure I am a believer just yet.

Today, it seems a bit like the Home Shopper’s Network meets virtual snake-oil salesmen. I hope it’s not. I’d like to get in on the action, so I’ll keep doing my research to see what I can find out. I’m just happy to see content on JTV.


2 Responses

  1. It was so much fun watching you teach Anthony. I took notes on the fried rice and hope to make it soon. It looked delicious!!

  2. Cool Sissy!

    I’m glad you had fun. You’ll have to let me know how it turns out. I always put bacon or some other protein in mine and do it when I am frying up the onions and garlic so you might want to try that. I didn’t think of it until he was just about done. I also always use green onions. White onions are fine, but it’s just not quite the same. πŸ™‚

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