Invitation and a Nod to Mooncricket’s Artistry



A modern twist on an Irish Dinner — Peppercorn steak with maple burbon sauce, cabbage salad and roasted Dutch potatoes

I remember the days when we didn’t need invites to get us to go to a channel on the service. We just knew who was broadcasting and who would be in the rooms. Well, yeah, there were only a couple of rooms — Justin and iJustine and eventually ParrisHarris. But nevertheless we knew our friends, our 2D friends would be parked in the rooms and chatting away and we expected to “see” each other.


Now we have a relatively new feature — Invite Friends. I don’t like it. I mean I like it, but I don’t like being battered by invitations to rooms I could care less about visiting. And when an invite comes for a channel I do want to take a look at rooms I may have forgotten about. It’s then that I appreciate the invite, but to get them over and over and over … First of all, it’s worthless and secondly I don’t need the invite multiple times. It got so bad with one viewer/broadcaster recently that I went into my profile and took him off my friends list. But he must have “favorited” me or something because I continue to receive invites. Over … and over … and over …

Can you please stop?! I have not sent out an invite since the week the feature launched because as I began receiving them and saw how some people were abusing the ability I decided I didn’t want to be “one of them.” I’d like to use it when I launch my broadcast each night, but I just don’t want anyone rolling their eyes because they received an invite from Justopia!


I think I just might do it tonight though because my schedule is not showing up on the main page so people may think I am not going to be in the kitchen and I want everyone to come see how wonderful things look after yesterday’s Take Back My Kitchen event.



Red Cabbage, Apples, Dried Cherries and Spiced Pecan salad

Speaking of taking back my kitchen, I have to tell you how wonderful it felt cooking in that room tonight. I did not realize how stressful the clutter and lack of organization had been, but walking in there tonight and cooking in an organized, clean and wide open space made a world of difference. I was going a million miles a minute when I started the broadcast tonight and people were wondering why. I thought it was because of all the stressful stuff that’s going in my head, but now that I have the time to sit back and reflect, I think it’s because of that kitchen. I actually did a little dance in there this afternoon. I just twirled around a couple of times. YES! I really did! No one was watching, so why not? I giggled and smiled and just felt good.

Now, if I could just get back to supporting myself …

I do have an idea or two. If you know someone that needs a good writer or someone that needs a typist, please send them my way.

Anniversary Doings

With just one day until the anniversary of JTV’s launch I am surprised we aren’t hearing anything about the big day. Details are sketchy regarding the party, but I did learn from Patrick yesterday that it’s going to be held at the office. Maybe on the weekend? I don’t konw. I wonder how the neighbors will react. They did seem to have issues with the noise the evening ECV and his “entourage” appeared. Could make for great .tv!

Thanks Moon


I was hanging out in Laggie’s room before going to bed (early again) last night when Mooncricket came in and asked me if I had seen the highlight where he was drawing a comic based on Justopia. I had not, so I clicked on the link to The Justopia Story and watched. He did a fine job. Honestguy, Stacia and FlapJack are included in the strip. It’s fun and I continued to watch as he told us about the drawing he did for The Train Story, another cute one.

It’s time for me to get into the kitchen and I am enjoying getting to bed at a decent hour, so I am going to end here, but don’t forget, by the time this is posted, there will be just one more night of the JTV Anniversary Contest, so be sure to tune in and come back to read because I will post all 7 questions here tomorrow after the show!


3 Responses

  1. Justopia…That looks amazing. Just wanted to drop in and say “HI” since it has been awhile. By the way, I tried those cheese stuffed meatballs you gave me the recipe to – OH MY they were fantastic. I think you need to write a cook book already missy!

    Stop by sometime, I am still here:


  2. I agree with Krysti! A cookbook and with all the yummy pictures included

  3. I thought it would be a great idea too, until I tested it by putting together a calendar and a few other things at and got no takers. Perhaps it would be a different story if I did it online and offered downloads at a killer price. I am going to have to toss that around in my head for a bit.

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