Happy Anniversary JTV!!!! To Celebrate … or Mourn? Instant Gratification, and a New Leaf on Life?


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Mazel Tov!


We had a Korean dinner tonight — Bi Bim Bap — it was DEElicious!

By all accounts, today is the one year anniversary of JTV, or as I define it, my obsession with all things having nothing to do with reality. Today is one day shy of the event that changed life as I once knew it. March 18, while not π day or the Ides of March is still a monumental one for me. It is the day a 23 year old Yale graduate, living in San Francisco with three of his buddies launched a startup that they hoped to … they wanted to … they planned to … well, I really can’t say what they hoped for the future. I have yet to have the opportunity to chat one on one, via voice with any of them other than a brief 2 minute conversation, a call I had with Michael about 3 months ago as Justopia.com, Powered by JTV, was launching.

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Invitation and a Nod to Mooncricket’s Artistry



A modern twist on an Irish Dinner — Peppercorn steak with maple burbon sauce, cabbage salad and roasted Dutch potatoes

I remember the days when we didn’t need invites to get us to go to a channel on the service. We just knew who was broadcasting and who would be in the rooms. Well, yeah, there were only a couple of rooms — Justin and iJustine and eventually ParrisHarris. But nevertheless we knew our friends, our 2D friends would be parked in the rooms and chatting away and we expected to “see” each other.

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