I Need to Get Some Sleep! A New Member of the Lifecasting Addicted! and Where Are They Now?

The Chicken or the Egg?


Now THAT’s a piece of chicken!

Am I tired from working or am I tired from playing? Let’s see how this adds up. I work (sometimes) and then come home and put in some time on the computer checking out what’s happening on JTV, the blog stats, my various email accounts and a bit of news. Then I sit huddled up on the couch in that state of being chilled to the bone when you are so exhausted you can barely see straight, too tired to reach over and turn on the variety of remotes that lie so peacefully in their place on the table next to my favorite place to site on the couch that I hate. Surely you know what I am talking about. It’s the kind of extreme fatigue you feel when you’ve just gotten off a plane that you’ve been cooped up in for hours and have crossed multiple time zones. I know you know what I’m talking about. Even if you haven’t crossed the international dateline or the Atlantic or Pacific. You’ve had an encounter with your body not wanting to go on behaving like its’ normal self.


We made a bistro meal — Pan grilled chicken, mushroom pasta with freshly shaved parmesano reggiano and a fennel and lemon salad with flat leaf parsley in a vinaigrette

Well, that is how I am feeling right now. It happens each time I come home from a day at the store. Being on my feet, smiling and helping customers all day is exhausting work and I just needed a moment to stop and whine about it. I know that a minimum of about 200 people will read this in the next 24 hours and since I live alone and don’t have anyone to share my complaints with, you, my unfortunate friend that is scrolling through this post right now have the supreme honor of “listening” to me complain. And for that I thank you — very very much! Now, it’s time for me to get up off this warm spot on the couch and decide what to make for dinner. The show is just 1:45 away and I have not thought about what I am going to make yet. I have no particular culinary desires this evening, and that always poses a major problem.

I cooked dozens of mini coffee cake muffins in the store and I think the sweet smell of batter and cinnamon has put me off just a bit.

He’s Addicted! I’m sure of it.


Wow. We saw Michael broadcasting yesterday and then when I popped into the Help channel who do I see, but Michael again! Folks, I am not expert — well, perhaps I really am — but it seems to me that Michael Seibel, the CEO of Justin.tv is officially addicted to lifecasting! He says he doesn’t watch the Channel Bar because of the windows size and placement configuration he’s got set up on the laptop, but it appears he does watch the viewer count — well, at least when one of the chatter’s brought it up. I don’t know, but it seems like he was liking it too much for it not to become a regular activity.

I’m just sayin’



I was feeling sorry for myself a little earlier this evening and decided that it’s actually not all bad. See, I was thinking about all the people I have “known” since logging onto Justin.tv 11 months and 25 days ago and how most of the original people I have communicated with have all disappeared. Then I thought … well, gee, Justopia. Maybe they are not gone, maybe they have just transformed themselves and are chatting with you in new names, in a different persona?

And then I thought. Oh please girl! What are you getting all worked up about? Think of all the people you chat with now and how nice they all are. It appears that things with chat relationships come and go in waves. When one “friend” leaves, new ones present themselves. I see that in Justopia.com all the time. But it’s sad, nonetheless. When you’ve been chatting with someone for a long time, when you’ve gotten to “know” them, or know them as best as you can in a digital kind of way, it’s sad when they just disappear from your daily life.


I know friends come and go. That’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t make it feel any better when someone fades away into the dark. I thought I’d throw up a list of the missing:

  • mizaintbehavin
  • yalie
  • mangulo
  • linus
  • emelie
  • ibahamian
  • jen
  • girlbytes
  • decoff
  • supercw
  • dizilbdog
  • phammock
  • thepriceiswrong
  • goose
  • pimpdaddy
  • train
  • swedensuse
  • delsal

There are so many more, but in my state of exhaustion I can’t think of all the names, so that will have to wait for another day. I’m just glad I have new 2D friends.


2 Responses

  1. justopia!!!! i’m still here!!!!! dont chat as much ’cause
    sometimes chatters r really mean in there. dont like that kind of drama,,,dont mean ur channel,,,,some others,,,,i guess i will just have to come to the reality that the starting “chatters” will never congregate again
    and feel the closeness of chatting with each other as
    we used to. I miss “dom” even if he hardly said anything but when he did it was funny,,,jspin,,,he knew what music i liked and danced with us took us out to parties and school,,even snuck us into school!!! i miss
    watching “my guy” justin kan,,,woo the girls he bought home and the partying he did with us in tow,,hehe,,the days the frat guys shared with us at the old apt…jeffie,who took us on sighseeing trips,,and they were awsome trips….and u ,,,i love to read the way u express urself,,and UR COOKING…but…seems all of
    a sudden i have soo many things to do,,,(people lean on me too much-my college kids). However, ur right…we wont forget the peeps we have met thru justin.tv…and from time to time,,,we see one pop up!!
    i remember going 24/7..yawn,,,now…cant find anything
    THAT interesting,,,u come on at different times,,or else
    theres drama in my family,,and dont have time to get on chat.. Good times dont ever last,,when good times roll in,,,party til u drop is my motto,,,!! LOL!! i mainly stay in Ben Cartwrights channel,,,hes decent ..ā™„
    so i am glad i did the 24/7 at the first,,it was worth it!!

  2. Decoff, you’re right about the old crowd disappearing. That’s just life. It’s good to go forward. And … I moved the blog months ago to http://justopia.com/blog. It’s all food and very little JTV. šŸ™‚

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