Categories and the Channel Bar



Short Ribs with Carolina BBQ Sauce, Roasted Veggies and Papas Fritos al Garlic Aioli — DEElicious!

Did you notice the changes at JTV tonight? As promised, there are now categories for lifecasters. I had looked for it a few times earlier in the day and it wasn’t until a little bit before I headed into the kitchen to prep for tonight’s broadcast that the change was executed. I know I can be dense at times and I get how it works, but I don’t get how this helps with whatever people were complaining about. I guess it’s part of the whole “Lifecaster vs. Chatcaster argument that some lifecasters have been complaining about. Frankly, I don’t care what it’s called and I’ve written about it a few times, although it was a long time ago, probably in the summer.


WHO cares if someone is sitting in front of their camera and not doing anything of interest or not doing anything that I feel is worthwhile or productive? I have the supreme power — I have a mouse and I have working hands so I can head right on out of that channel if I want. End of story. But it was not the end of the story for some, who have been complaining about it for a very long time. Perhaps this closes the chapter on the Lifecaster vs. Chatcaster discussion.

We’ll see.

Time is Short


This julienne tool made incredibly quick work of the potato — Next up, shoestring sweet potatoes. Yummm!

Tomorrow is the day I am doing an Easter Brunch demo at the store. Yes, me. A Jewish woman that has only made ham one time in her life is going to be making 2 hams, steamed asparagus with caramelized shallots, hash brown fritattas, slow cooked french toast and cupcakes. Wow! What a lot of food. I hope it all turns out ok.


Anyway, to ensure there is enough time for the ham and to prep for the other dishes I need to get to the store hours before it opens. This is like working in a restaurant! That said, I don’t really have time to write a proper blog post tonight, so this will be short.


I revealed the 4th contest question during the show tonight and I can see from the stats that WordPress provides for blog owners that a bunch of you are on the right track, hitting the right blog posts so keep up the good work! I hope you’re having fun with this.



5 Responses

  1. Good Luck Today……I know it will all turn out o be Fabulous.

  2. Hi Justy,

    Just a quick note to thank you for adding the picture of Julienne used on the potatoes! We actually have a ‘di Mani’ Mandoline slicer but assembly and clean up make it more of a cumbersome chore to use. I will keep my eyes open for one in Toronto area.

    Thanks again for all you do in educating us as well as much as making cooking fun, Tyler

  3. Hi Tyler,

    This juilienne tool was so easy and felt much safer than a full sized mandolin. I bet you can find one online.

    “See” you in the kitchen!

  4. Thanks Dezining!

    It turned out really good, but I am about ready to collapse. Tonight is looking like “Great Grilled Cheese.” 🙂

  5. que rico!!!!!! mmmmm rico!!

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