I “Met” Someone New Today

New Talent


Yesterday as I was loafing around JTV I found a channel for a new broadcaster who noted on her channel that she would be broadcasting tonight. She is a musician and I listened to samples of the CD she has up at iTunes and liked her music, so I was intrigued and thought I’d stop into her channel tonight after my show.

A Breath of Fresh Air


Vidalia Spring Onion … mmmmmmm

But of course, I totally forgot about it. Luckily, as I was finishing up my dinner, Anthony Quintano stopped in to ask a question so that he could help Stacy get her broadcast going. She’s a Mac user and was having audio problems. I was happy to help.

After my show was done and I was finished with the dishes I popped into her room. She was chatting with viewers and the room was full of people. The interesting thing was that it was all very mild-mannered and polite. Anthony asked if she would make the blog tonight and I normally don’t write about something just because someone wants me to, but O M G! She is just adorable! Before she was done I said I thought my son needs to marry her. What a charming, sunshiney (yes, I know that’s not a word!) personality. And she’s got talent to boot. What mom wouldn’t want that for her handsome, bright, creative son? And what more, they both live in southern California.

Ok! Ok! So she’s got a boyfriend and my son has a girlfriend, but things can change ya know!


Tonight we had a redo at Hong Kong Crab Cakes and Soba Noodles with Asian Aromatics – recipe under the link

Anyway, I hung around and listened to her play three or four songs before she decided to call it a night. There were a few detractors that came through, but for the most part they either went away or Stacy’s mods handled it, and all without any drama.



I have a feeling she’s going to need a quick course in online communications and how a community like JTV works. A few came into the room making claims that I, for one, was skeptical about, especially after the SarahBear debacle that unfolded on the network this weekend. But I am no spring chicken, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that blind trust on the internet is risky business in a place where you never truly know who is behind the keystrokes in this digital world. Yes, I am careless and have ended up not guarding my personal information closely enough, but Stacy seemed new to the world of chat and especially to JTV, so she will need a quick primer to get her up to speed, I’m sure.

I now have found two musicians on JTV who I really enjoy listening to. The other is Janelle Stewart. I really like her music and am waiting for her to make it available for purchase. I’d much rather JTV’s viewer count spike like we are seeing reported in Alexa now because of the addition of great new talent launching channels and rebroadcasts of network television, but it’s not likely a new musician will see a few thousand people clamoring to get into their channel like a heated soccer match, is it?

Anyway, welcome to JTV Stacy and best of everything in your musical endeavors!

Contest Day 2


I’m not sure how I feel about these Justy Cakes. I was making a coffee cake and realized I don’t have a tube pan or a bundt pan any longer so I decided to make them in muffin tins, but they did not turn out like mom’s coffee cake. They tasted great, but they were just … different

During the show tonight while preparing dinner and after the meal, I went over the rules for the JTV Anniversary Contest again and posed the 2nd question. I also reviewed last night’s question for those that weren’t around and I will continue to do that each night – I will give you all the questions that have been previously been asked prior to giving the new question.

Now remember — I don’t need the answers until after the broadcast on Tuesday night, March 18. And you have until Midnight, March 20 to send in your answers.

The address is justopia@justopia.com. And the template I’d like you to use so that I can keep it all straight is this:


It’s not difficult, but it will take effort — researching and reading of the Living the Justopian Life blog. So get to it and please, make your way to Justopia Cooks so that you can participate in the fun and become a part of the cool Justopian community!


5 Responses

  1. I like the cakes…….Upon waking up after a sleepless nite it made me crave a good sugar rushto get this day in gear.

  2. Hi Dezining!

    I think that makes two of us. I am getting ready for an earlier than usual workday and I need a boost as well. Thank goodness we have incredible espresso machines at the store. I think one of them is calling my name this morning! 🙂

    “See” you in the kitchen and I hope SweetPea is feeling a bit better this morning!

  3. Thank you for the shout out! Where does your son live? In Orange County? You should invite his gf and him to one of my upcoming shows:

    march 20th @chain reaction in anahiem (all ages)
    we are opening for portugal the man and go on at 7:30pm

    april 2nd @chain reaction (all ages)
    w/the new amsterdams at 7:30pm

    april 19ths @the hotel cafe 10pm (21+)

    more info at hotelcafe.com or allages.com

    thanks again! I am so impressed by your cooking skills and will have to tune in!!



  4. Hi Stacy!

    Thanks for reading and for the comment.

    Yep, my son is in the area. You just missed him actually. He was my sous chef a couple of weekends ago when he came for a brief break from school for the weekend. I will definitely let him know about your appearances.

    I’ll be out there for his graduation in a few months so if you’re going to be playing in the area at that time, I will have to see if we can come see you in action.

    “See” you online,

  5. Great blog! I just posted one about Stacy, too, and was checking the tag to see what else popped up on WordPress.

    I probably shouldn’t have read this blog so early, since I haven’t eaten yet, and now I’m starving.

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