Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So are the Days of Our Lives


Lying Buddah Closeup

The Lying Buddah, Bangkok, Thailand

I’ll tell you this right from the start — this blog title is total thievery. I did not write this line of profound proportions, but it says what I am thinking. has been around for almost a year and I have been around it for the same amount of time and have had a revelation. One that makes me both sentimental and melancholy. I decided to look back and read every comment that has been posted here of which there are currently 785. Now don’t get your pants in a twist. That number is not nearly as crazy as it may seem.

First of all, I reply to every single comment, so you can immediately divide that number by 2. Then take the number further and with 286 blog posts, that brings the average number of comments to … well, if you do the math, it’s 1.37412587313 comments per post. Not a stellar statistic, to say the least. There is one number that is noteworthy though. Until this morning, the all time high for a daily number of hits was 342 and that was many many months ago.
As of this evening, the number of hits stands at 445. Again, not a huge number, but considering the total views to Living the Justopian Life is just 43,451 that makes today’s current viewer count more than twice the average daily hit rate. In the past 2 months the average number of hits has spiked to about 200/daily. I attribute most of this to a link out there in the Jonas Brothers world, however in the past few days, blog posts totally unrelated to the teenage boy band have received the same or more views as the JB post. I have seen the blog on the front page of WordPress a number of times in the past couple of weeks, which has apparently helped drive people in.

I’d have to say that the big contributer to the record day is the game of JTV Scavenger Hunt/Trivia that we played last night. It was fun. The questions were a lot less obscure than kitchen or food questions or 80’s trivia or random current day trivia, which I know people still clamor for. This was more relevant to what we do at and what we see on every day though and what people that drive by justopia_live see.

What’s in a Name?

Anyway, back to the original topic. I read through each comment and noticed a few things. First of all, almost all of the comments are written by people I have come in contact with on JTV or at Almost all are positive, supportive posts. Of course some are not. Some are blunt, to the point, challenging me to do things with the blog or with the cooking and the show that I had not yet done. And at least a few are written using pseudonyms, but I think I’ve been able to pick up on some of those pretty well. The funny thing is that in almost every single case, every name is a pseudonym, isn’t it? I mean unless you are on camera what you type, whether in a chat room, in an email, in an IM or in a blog comment is attributed to a fictitious name, isn’t it? I mean, how are we to know what the real name is behind any names here. Even my name. While I have been careless enough on more than a few occasions to release my real name, only those that have seen it on a legal document or perhaps a piece of snail mail held up to the camera would know that it is my legal name. For those of you that haven’t been around to watch me make a fool of myself and unknowingly disclose my first and last names, Justopia certainly is not to be believed to be a real name.


Cow Back in Glass

The Cow Parade in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2005

Another interesting fact that dawned on me as I was digging through the almost overwhelming amount of words in the nearly 300 posts I’ve published is that I will be celebrating 6 months of broadcasting at nearly the same time Founding Four are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the launch of At times it just doesn’t feel like 6 months have passed since I turned on the camera and started this live streaming culinary adventure. And at other times it seems like it’s hard to think back to a time when I didn’t have a bare bulb over the sink and a clunky desktop machine perched on top of my fridge with cables sloppily duct taped to the top of cabinets.

And in those 6 months so much has changed here. There have been new feature sets launched, new broadcasters on a daily basis. There has been an evolution of the types of broadcasts. From college girls sitting in front of their cameras to musicians to live sports re-broadcasts to how to shows and more. It seems to come and go in waves.

Taj Mahal Sunset

The Taj Mahal

It’s pretty sad actually. Since that fateful December, 2006, I’ve lost touch with countless friends. Made many new “friends” on JTV and in the past 6 months, most of the original JTV viewers I was in contact with are fading into the distance as new ones appear and come around each night. But even the newer friends are leaving within a month or so of discovering my broadcast and it’s rather sad. Some were regular Justopian Life blog readers and became fans, but now it’s a disparate group that has gone it’s own way leaving me to turn on the camera and wait to see who might surprise me by showing up at each night. I wonder if this is how a restaurant owner feels? If when she opens her doors each night she wonders if certain regular, loyal customers will cross the threshold, or if it will be a slow night with just a handful of much appreciated guests to share her time and treats with?

Coming Up


A view looking toward Morocco

Beginning Tuesday, one week before the 1 year anniversary of, we’ll take a look back on the making of a lifecasting network in a 7 part series leading up to the big day. I will certainly have to conclude the week with an anniversary dinner to beat all dinners. If it were going to be a real nod to the founding four, it would include massive amounts of booze, but since this is Justopia we’re talking about, it will include the intoxicating components of an extraordinary meal with a to die for dessert and we will play another round of JTV Scavenger Hunt-Trivia for prizes.

So remember, study up! Surf the network, rifle through the pages of the blog and turn back the sands of time to jog your memory or to give you insight into the trials and tribulations that have made up these past 12 months in the world of a lifecasting start up.


3 Responses

  1. very interesting Blog.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I found this information very interesting and well written!
    Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
    I like the word “LIFECASTING” it stirs me!
    (I am a word junkie!!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lisa. It’s funny you should bring up words, because included in today’s post will be a section I am just about finished writing about the use of words and how the dictionary has evolved over the past 25 years with modern day language.

    BTW — you have probably not dug down into the bowels of this blog and are not aware, but the title — Living the Justopian
    Life comes from a word I made up — Justopia. It is an amalgam of Justin and Utopia. became my obsession at the time it launched a year ago and hanging around and writing about it is a little bit of Utopia for me, so I put them together and Voila! Out popped Justopia. 🙂


  3. COOL..COOL..another “word junkie” like me!!
    I love it and will visit often!!

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