I Forgot to Tune In!!!! and an iJustine Sighting and a Little Humility Please



Not having a real desire for any type of food in particular I threw together an Asian inspired chicken with fried rice meal

For the first time since March 21, 2007, I forgot to load up JTV when I booted up my computer this morning! My usual routine has been to power up the computer, check mail and then head over to JTV. Not today. I didn’t realize for 2 hours. I was shutting down apps before going to get ready to spend the day out in real life when I realized there was no browser tab open for Justin.tv.

I was shocked! It was as though I’d gone into a time warp to a time before that fateful March 21 morning when my day did not consist of tuning into JTV and checking for my 2D friends.


But even the community aspect has lost it’s luster in the daylight hours. I think because there is rarely anything I want to watch, especially with all the sports channels. Watching JTV just didn’t come to mind. A little less than a year ago, exactly 11 months and 13 days to be precise I landed on JTV and have not had a morning when I did not think about seeing what was going on. But now there are not enough chatters around to make it worthwhile, so I check out the channel bar and move on.


The sense of community that the JTV team did not expect to come about when they planned their launch is missing. Not totally, but in a general sense it is — even with the MySpace/Facebook user profile features.


And now that it’s mostly pirated rebroadcasts of live television which leaves nothing of interest for me, just watching channels has gone by the wayside. Now, if someone was rebroadcasting a cooking show…



iJustine was a little rusty on the lifecasting front, but she was her usual effervescent, energetic and entertaining self nonetheless

And then it happened. I was transported back in time and old 2D friends were everywhere. I spent the day out with a friend and when I returned home and hunkered down with my laptop I saw a familiar face on the channel bar. It was none other than iJustine! There she was broadcasting. She was #3 on the bar, right next to a couple of soccer broadcasts. She would have been #1 had it not been for the television channels broadcasting sporting events, but nevertheless, her fans and some that appeared to have never heard of the woman that “is the internet,” found her easily. She was in a Best Buy store as I read in her Twitters so we were watching the back seat of a minivan for quite some time. Once she appeared however, her viewer count spiked and people I haven’t seen in chat for a long time, came running.


It’s not easy to get to #1 when soccer channels abound

Her broadcast was unbearably choppy, but I hung out for the duration. It was a bit of the past and while not that enjoyable in terms of technology, it was fun seeing some old faces in the room and reliving old times and seeing Justine.

Old times?! It was less than a year ago!


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