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I spent a long time writing this morning and when I came back in and read what I’d labored over I decided it was not want I wanted to print. It was too personal, too introspective and I’d spent enough time a few weeks ago writing in a downer frame of mind and did not want to continue in that vein. Then I contemplated writing about all the rebroadcasting of television shows, movies and sports events on Justin.tv, but that is a question I don’t think we are likely to have answered in this forum. The official line seems to be that if the copyright holder writes to JTV to complain action will be taken. So… if the NBA or FIFA or ABC or whatever network finds their property is being stolen (because that’s really what it is, theft) and contacts JTV the channel(s) broadcasting the shows will be dealt with, but if they are clueless to what’s going on then the shows air without interruption.

It’s making for huge viewer count spikes. I just saw over 14,000 total viewers and there have been over 30k viewers at times. Chat choked tonight and buffering was a regular occurrence, yet the games go on. I suppose it’s great if you are a sports fan and I’d imagine there have been measurable hits to the adsense blocks that JTV put up last week. But it doesn’t mean I will tune into these shows. By now you all know how I am about pirated software or music and videos. We established long ago that I am a total goody two shoes.

Home Made

So instead, since it’s after 12:30am I am just going to post photos of the DEElicious crackers I made today. I made the dough last week and rolled out a batch, but they were the texture of drywall. I did not throw out the dough though and when it was staring at me when I opened the fridge this morning I decided I would take another stab at it.


This time I rolled them very, very … I mean almost translucent thin. I then brushed them with extra virgin olive oil and on some batches I sprinkled them with black sea salt from Hawaii and on some I used the spicy Merken spice from Chili and on others I sprinkled kosher salt and grated Parmesan cheese.


Last week MissouriMatt suggested I put a pan on top to weigh down the crackers as they baked so that they would not curl up, but after doing that for the first two batches today I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and let ’em fly without the weight. I liked the result. They didn’t curl up, but some got very puffy and all were beautifully crispy.


I need to remember where I found the recipe so that I can post it for you. It’s a bit of effort, but very exciting to make your own crispy crackers. There are few ingredients.


4 Responses

  1. Justin.tv is making an obvious attempt to bump up their numbers. Whether it is to seem like a more popular site, or meet numbers promised by venture capitalists for their celebration of their first year in service.

    All I know is justin.tv is making no attempt to stop copyright materials.

    In the past week I have seen ABC, CBS, FOX, TNT, NBA , EPSN, PAY-PER-VIEW, HBO. And the list goes on and on. They have been Top Channels and in no way would justin.tv not know its being broadcasted. They have made no attempt to stop the re-broadcast of illegal material. And this is just the channels that are not password protected. Who knows what is being casted on those channels.

    If you take away all the illegal re-broadcast of channels on justin.tv, they still have about 500-700 users on at any given time. They have hit a pleatu and has been this way for some time now.

    To summarize: I have no doubt that justin.tv is making a desperate attempt to raise their website statistics no matter the cost… FOR SHAME….

    To make it even worse, when justin.tv has their weekly q&a
    they will not answer the myriad of questions aimed at the subject matter of why they are allowing copyright material being KNOWINGLY transmitted.

  2. Eloquently put, Alex.

  3. I love homemade food! Those crackers look awesome!

  4. Thanks HD! I have to say, they were really fabulous. Not too much effort either.

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