I Forgot to Tune In!!!! and an iJustine Sighting and a Little Humility Please



Not having a real desire for any type of food in particular I threw together an Asian inspired chicken with fried rice meal

For the first time since March 21, 2007, I forgot to load up JTV when I booted up my computer this morning! My usual routine has been to power up the computer, check mail and then head over to JTV. Not today. I didn’t realize for 2 hours. I was shutting down apps before going to get ready to spend the day out in real life when I realized there was no browser tab open for Justin.tv.

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Home Made



I spent a long time writing this morning and when I came back in and read what I’d labored over I decided it was not want I wanted to print. It was too personal, too introspective and I’d spent enough time a few weeks ago writing in a downer frame of mind and did not want to continue in that vein. Then I contemplated writing about all the rebroadcasting of television shows, movies and sports events on Justin.tv, but that is a question I don’t think we are likely to have answered in this forum. The official line seems to be that if the copyright holder writes to JTV to complain action will be taken. So… if the NBA or FIFA or ABC or whatever network finds their property is being stolen (because that’s really what it is, theft) and contacts JTV the channel(s) broadcasting the shows will be dealt with, but if they are clueless to what’s going on then the shows air without interruption.

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