A Nice Weekend

Relaxing Sunday


We sat down to another great meal and chatted with viewers

I was relaxing after a busy 1/2 day. My son and I woke up after a few hours of sleep to ensure he would make it to the airport in time for his return trip to California. Yes, it was a very short visit, but it was fun, low stress, DEElicious and productive. We had a good visit and “Dude,” as we referred to him for the sake of privacy not only had a chance to come to Virginia and spend time with mom and to see his cousin and a friend from high school, but he accomplished what he needed to get done for one of his last projects before graduation in just 3 short weeks.

Once he was safely beyond the security checkpoint at the airport, I headed home to get ready for work. When I was done for the day I thought I would just sit back and not think about what I’d make for dinner. I decided I might just go with peanut butter and jelly for a huge change of pace. Why not? No one would be watching me prepare what is most often a pedestrian, boring sandwich. But no, not in the world of Justopia. I would have a sandwich with organic peanut butter and preserves that taste like sunlit orchards filled with the summer’s bounty on white bread so dense the loaf weighs over 4 lbs. Yes, this would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of epic culinary proportions.


The Lincoln Memorial

Ok! Ok! So I DID think about what I would make for dinner, but I could stay in my jammies and who cares if my hair was hanging in my eyes? I could pull the hoodie over my head to keep the pesky bangs from interfering with my line of sight tonight. So take that you too short shock of hair!


The Vietnam War Memorial

And even though the weather put on a show of what’s in store for Spring, I would make a sumptuous cup of peppermint hot chocolate with an artisan marshmallow plopped in as I pour it into my heavy mug and sit by the fireplace doing something very unusual — watching TV. I don’t know what’s on TV on Sunday nights other than 60 Minutes, but I am going to do a little channel surfing and if all else fails, I always know that The Food Network is waiting for me on channel 61.


The White House

Tonight would require no need to turn on the computer in the kitchen. There would be no green or amber lights sparkling from the various web cams in my life.


The Washington Monument

So, while I sit and watch broadcast television and try really, really … no, I mean REALLY hard to not log into Justin.tv, I will be looking for interesting culinary delights to prepare during the coming week.

Flattery Will Get You Anywhere…


As Einstein Watches


8 Responses

  1. I loved the tour of D.C. The pictures are beautiful!. I am glad you had a wonderful visit with your son as well. I hope to see you on justopia soon!

  2. Thanks Nursehand!

    It was a wonderful visit and we had fabulous weather as well. Yippee!

    “See” you in the kitchen!

  3. Nice photos of such iconic places — the photo with Einstein’s funny! 🙂

  4. Thanks thebiglife! It was a fun afternoon.

  5. Hi justopia, i was wondering what you think will happen to JTV now Youtube have said they will be offering live video from this year? Do you think JTV will be around and make much money once this happens? I’m not so sure what will happen, in 5 years time we might be thinking Justin who?


  6. Blaine,

    My immediate response? When YouTube and Google speak, people listen. I think it’s going to be tough tough times for all the current live streaming media sites of which I suspect will be barely a memory. But I do have a theory which I’ll write about in tonight’s blog post.

  7. Hi Justopia! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to surf over to you. I love the pics of DC. You’re son, Dude, is a nice lookin gent!

  8. Nice to “see” you Sumdance! And thanks 🙂

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