Best Day on JTV Ever


alexa2.jpg Traffic Report

I hadn’t planned on writing anything tonight, but as I was preparing to shut down the computer as the Academy Awards show was wrapping up when I spotted a familiar icon in the #1 place on the channel bar. It was Justin’s channel. I dropped in and there he was with about 160 viewers chatting away. I hung around for about an hour as he talked with viewers and Michael chatted from another machine. The room was moving fast and Justin seemed rater animated and Michael seemed to be in positive spirits from a computer off camera.


Justin vs. ustream — notably similar until recent days and ustream’s long tail

Chat was moving at warp speed at times. Some were asking serious, valuable questions, others were asking the usual inane questions. People were asking for new features, others were asking for material compensation — cameras, EVDO cards, Featured Broadcaster badges, and more, but Justin and Michael were trying to keep up with chat and respond to as much as they could. A few viewers were asking how they feel about the new service and about USTREAM, but they didn’t have much to say about it really. It was much more relaxed interaction from the two of them we were used to from just 11 months ago when this all began and it was enjoyable.

They were talking about today being the best ever day in JTV history relating to stats, and that they were trying to increase the numbers. I had to question the claim, because from my vantage point I saw a good number of people in the room I was in, and since there was more than one room running for his channel, I could not be sure how many were in the other(s), but the overall viewer count was only at about 1400. Not banner from my memory. I remember a 16,000 night when the Jonas Brothers were on, or perhaps it was the night that kid was rebroadcasting a sporting event. I don’t remember for sure and there are just too many blog posts for me to dig through at this hour to confirm.

But apparently I am missing the real stats, because when I questioned Michael and asked if it was because of all the soccer channels that were running today, he told me that no, that was not the reason. So they were obviously glued to stats that we could are not privvy to. Someone tried to ask for details, but either the room was moving too quickly for Michael or Justin to pick up on the question or they chose not to disclose that kind of company confidential detail.

justin-and-yahoo.jpg vs.

In any event, they were stoked and were trying to increase the viewer count. Someone suggested that Jusin use the /Invite Friends feature, but he said it would break the service if he did that. I assume because he has 89,919 friends. 🙂 Before they all decided to leave for dinner, Justin said that they were hitting “1k a minute” and that today they “surpassed 7”. I don’t think Michael reads me anymore, so he’s not likely to come in and comment with a correction or explanation, and I’d rather not guess, but whatever the details, the guys seemed quite happy. Phil popped in during the last two minutes of the broadcast and he was all smiles about the numbers as well.

It’s good news. They have been hard at work and if the numbers they work toward are moving in the right direction, then that’s progress.


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