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After reading the justintvgossip blog I took another trip to to see what was going on and to see if I could find Bradman since yourstruly was unable to. As I mentioned in a recent post, I set up a channel there myself a few days ago. It was easy to set up and to broadcast, but after about 30 seconds of trying it out I was done. I like to see and try everything new, but it held no real attraction for me. I’ve got and I’m very happy there, thank you very much.


So this morning’s research was a quest to see just how this new entry to the live streaming video playing field is set up. I was instantly frustrated. Where’s the search field? Last night a friend told me that there were, at that moment, over 3000 viewers on 105 channels. A much healthier viewer count than JTV which at the same time had about 1500 viewers on over 3000 channels. So, about 1/2 a viewer per room on JTV and 28.5 viewers per room on I’m not sure how the viewer counts work on either network. You’d think it would be fairly straight up math, but it doesn’t appear to be on JTV and if yahoo counts embeds then most likely not on that network either.

Searching for something to watch is not great. There is no search bar, no way to look for something specific unless you know the actual channel name. When looking for Bradman’s channel, a curiosity that was sparked by the gossip blog’s question, I first tried, and came up empty, and then my brain remembered his JTV channel name and when I plugged that in, I had success: He wasn’t live, but his room was and then Iooked down and at the bottom left of the page was a startling image … ME! In my jammies! Hair askew, hoodie zipped up to keep out the cold, sleepy look out there for all to see. Ugh!


What was this? No prompt to ask me to allow my camera to stream? As soon as I saw myself I looked up and saw the little green indicator which tells me the built in iSight camera in my laptop was on shooting whatever was in it’s sights — which, unless I turn the machine in another direction will always be me. Ack!

So then I trotted over to the FAQ and it clearly says that you can uncheck the “remember” button so that your camera is not automatically “allowed,” if you choose, but I played around with my channel and was unable to get the familiar Adobe Flash Player Settings box to reveal itself. Surely it was there when I set up the channel earlier in the week, but I can’t find it now to save my life. Do I have to delete my channel and start a new one? Ummm…not gonna happen — today.

I decided to walk into a room with viewers and was happy to see that there was a not broadcasting watermark over my image. Thank goodness. I clicked the Go Live button and bam! There I was streaming. It was not immediate. It took a few seconds, which told me it would probably take a few moments to stop broadcasting once I clicked the Stop button so I kept the laptop pointed at the wall and clicked Stop. There were a couple of people broadcasting along with the channel owner, but aside from some muffled music all I heard was ambient noise. It appeared that the broadcaster was talking, but I was not hearing her voice, nor was I hearing the voices of the two viewers that were broadcasting.

I left yahoo after looking at the two channel links — Most Popular and Most Recent. It didn’t make it any easier finding something I might be looking for. At least on JTV you can click on the Home Page and take a perusal around the Live Channels or Schedule boxes and get an idea of what is going on in various channels to help you make a decision about what you might like to watch.


I headed over to to compare and noticed a video ad below the featured broadcaster’s video as well as Google Adsense blocks in other areas on the service. I was still not enamored with the UI, but I like it better than Yahoo’s interface. There is a search bar. As you can see, there are some big names on Ustream. Aside from and upcoming Jewel event, there was an Obama block in place of the ad next to the Events and Announcements block when I looked a bit earlier.

I wonder why Ron Paul is the only political candidate to have landed on Is it because of the type of channels we see so often up on the channel bar? I heard Michael comment on the fact that he doesn’t know why so many people like to flash or show themselves without clothing on JTV — that they don’t promote it or go looking for it, but that people just seem to flock here to do this. The response from some chatters was, “Because you do nothing to stop it.” I guess the question is … how do they stop it now that the reputation has been established.





4 Responses

  1. I laughed so hard when you saw your own face on bradman’s page not knowing your cam was turned on LOL. They shouldn’t turn on your cam automatically by default! LOL

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for reading and for the comment!

    I know most people like services like Stickam and Yahoo where multiple viewers can go live with the broadcaster, but my exprience with Stickam was that audio coming from all participants was enough to make me want to jump out of my skin. We were looking at doing it with, but with a “pass the baton” type of process so that only one person (and the broadcaster maybe) could speak at a time.

    Otherwise it’s as though you need to go back to old walkie ways and say “over” when you are finished saying what you want to say. Of course, there will always be the “long talker” who will never give up the baton.

    Hmm… that would make a great Seinfeld episode and I could see Kramer being the one to bury the baton in the back yard! ROTFL

  3. That was a funny blog hehe. I am still giggling thinking about yahoo live and your camera turning on automatically. You would think they would have it set automatically to not broadcast as soon as you come into a room. So funny. I am still laughing.

  4. Now, just imagine if I had taken the laptop into the bathroom with me or something? Now THAT would have made for one hysterical blog post! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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