A Million Little Pieces!



I grew up in a house where superstition could rule. No hats on beds. No walking under ladders. No whistling at the table. And no open umbrellas in the house, to name a few. Those things have stuck with me for 50 years and show no signs of letting up. Just yesterday I needed to get something in the stock room at the store and could have kind of squeezed behind a ladder, but I interpreted it as being like going under the ladder so there was no way I was doing that. I promptly moved that big, bad, heavy ladder.   


Over the decades I have extended my superstitious beliefs to a much broader range of things. Live never wearing a dress again because I got a bad grade on a test. Or putting a watch in the back of the jewelry box because a boy didn’t talk to me in the hallway that afternoon. Sometimes I test the luck. Like today. I am afraid to take off the bracelet I wear on my right arm for fear of something horrific happening to me or one of my family members, but the rings I wear kind of come and go. I have been wearing this one right on my right hand for a long time and thought I would test the formerly favorite ring to see if that would help improve my mojo.


So, I hopped in the shower got all nice and squeaky clean. Did the hair, got dressed and after checking mail and the blog and a little JTV I headed into the kitchen to pull out some things for tonight’s broadcast. I reached into a cabinet to pull out a small ceramic baking pan which was resting in a larger one and had a braided bowl nesting inside that with various Asian noodles and a few bags of nuts and beans in it. I had the roasting dish in my hand when I heard this strange noise and realized that at the moment the two ceramic pieces, nuts, noodles and beans were all on their way down to the floor, just missing the computer monitor on the table in front of the cabinets.


Now, I am sure the pan would have broken no matter how precariously perched the monitor was on the table that is positioned directly in front of that end of the all of cabinets and in front of the freezer portion of the fridge, but had all that not been in my way, I most likely would not have picked up the roaster with one hand the way I had and although it’s a good bet that at some point I would have had something very DEElicious in the pan and it would have broken on the way i or out of the oven, today was not that day. Today was the day for it to just go crashing down to the floor.


It’s ok. Nothing and no one was hurt during the disaster. And it was not so difficult to clean up — really. It was odd how that bowl broke. And the base of the bowl creeped me out. It looked a bit like an octopus with too many tentacles and they had all been sliced off. Creepsville! Ick!

So as I usually do with my self-made superstitions, I can alter the outcome to state that had I not been wearing the alternate ring, the pan would have broken with the noodle casserole in it and all that hot, sizzling home made bolognese sauce and melting Italian cheeses would have ended up on the floor or worse yet, inside the oven!


Reflecting on the pan, I think just recently I had noticed a hairline crack on the underside, but decided to pay no attention to it. BAD MOVE! Lesson learned!

And I think that I can wear that ring again — right after I test it’s predecessor and see how things go tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. what happened………u put the other ing back on …….choose a new one from the jewler

  2. Hi Tony!

    I didn’t put the ring back on. I have another that I had been wearing for a couple of years and pulled it out of retirement. So far, so good — ::::::::knock on wood:::::::: !!!!!!!!!! Oh, but make no mistake … things are not where they need to be. I could still use a jolt of positive and it’s up to me to make that happen. 🙂

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