Christmas Redux, Cookie Madness, and a JTV Free Day

Merry Christmas! Again…


Ready to start the cookies

The funny thing about watching a back up of recorded shows on the DVR and not being a user of the fast forward button is that you get to experience Christmas, 2007 all over again. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing, but in a way, it’s like turning back the clock and gaining that part of your life back. It’s like stepping into a time machine that lets you start over — at least a portion of your life. You don’t get to take back money spent, or comments made or calories eaten, but you do get to take another look at things you may have missed or had not paid attention to the first time around.  I was not affected by the writer’s strike and continue not to be, but when these saved up episodes of my favorite shows is like a Christmas present and seeing as I didn’t get any presents this year, it’s a little gift in February.


I’m still working on November, so the Christmas season is barely upon me. I remember saying how nice it was not to be bombarded by ads and music and the jolliness of the season and now I am subjecting myself to it. Now, it’s easy to avoid all that holiday merriment, but I am kind of enjoying it. It’s like my own private holiday — one that I don’t even celebrate!


Having a Gray’s Anatomy marathon today allowed for knitting, baking, reading, and thinking about something other than the world of lifecasting and what’s on on in JTV-land. It was filled with iPhones and jewelry and greeting cards and hams and cookies and all the fun and deliciousness that goes with the holiday. It was the holiday without the rush and crush and the feeling that I had better get out and join in the compulsive consumerism of the season.


In complete contradiction to this is the death and despair and mostly sad moments mixed with some brevity during the Grey’s Anatomy lollapalooza I am still wrapped up in. It brings me back to reality, and the fact that today is February 11, 2008.

Dozens and Dozens


Norah, of the familiar face in the JTV offices (when Justin was lifecasting and the OfficeCam was broadcasting) has been under the weather of late and I thought that since she’s a proclaimed cookie lover I would send off a batch of chocolate chip cookies to help cheer her up. Of course, if I send cookies to Norah, Jacob would get to partake, but it doesn’t end there. How could I ship cookies to Norah by way of the JTV office without baking some for the rest of the gang?


So I cleared up the kitchen counters and baked. And I baked and I baked some more. I baked until I had a big box of cookies and 5 dozen more in the freezer waiting to be baked.

As of right now I don’t want to see another chocolate chip cookie for a long long time! 🙂 I’m hoping they like ’em.

No Computer Sunday


I decided that I needed to do something other than spend the day on the computer, so I did just that. I went out to pick up the things I needed for the cookies and the knitting and the cake and to drop off a bottle of rum extract to the store for a Bananas Foster Trifle, and … good grief I think I need a white board to keep this all straight! Does anyone have any post it notes?!


Oh yeah, and the only thing that would work to wrap the cookies was a plastic Christmas bag! Ho! Ho! Ho!


3 Responses

  1. Oh. My. Heavens.


  2. “It’s like my own private holiday — one that I don’t even celebrate.” I love that line!!

  3. Thanks Gemini! It seemed to fit the moment. 🙂

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