I’m Overwhelmed!

More Than I Can Chew


What am I thinking!? Full course dinners six to seven nights a week. Work. Knitting, felting and finishing handbags for a few, but eager customers. And this blog. Did I mention surfing JTV and maybe watching a little TV from time to time? Throw a movie and dinner or lunch once in a while and, Wham! You have a recipe for exhaustion and burn out.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I have MS? Yeah, well I do. It’s not a problem really, but if I keep up this schedule of working and playing nearly around the clock daily it might become one. That said, I am going to finish up some work I need to do and head to bed. Tonight on Justopia.com we made a DEElicious, yet ingredient-heavy Italian meal. For a while I was worrried that the clean up was going to take as long at the prep, but luckily I was out of there in 20 minutes.

We had spaghetti bolognese, toasted eggplant, caesar salad and olive bread with cannelini bean spread. Wow! That’s a mouthful, but it sure was tasty.



The JTV team has been very hard at work making changes and improvements. Tonight as I was up to my elbows in garlic and tomatoes, there was a hiccup in chat and when it came back, there were additions to chat on JTV and to the Broadcaster Tool. The tool that we use to launch our lifecasts. Good changes. Helpful changes. Some of it, I think, has been asked for by viewers and broadcasters. There is now a “Clear Room” function which I’d imagine will help during those times when a room is being raided. Rather than a moderator having to clear out the mess, the channel operator can clear the room and start over. I’m not 100% sure this is what is supposed to happen though. I checked out the JTV blog and it mentions most of the other features, but not this one.


A feature that’s sure to be a hit with many is the “Send Highlight to YouTube” function. It’s simple. I just tried it and am awaiting email confirmation from YouTube that the highlight was successfully uploaded. It’s a cool idea, one that will be a big hit, I’m sure.

JTV has been around less than a year and there have been some great improvements recently. It’s good to see that the creativity and innovation is not stagnant. I think that the weekly broadcast Phil does with viewers and broadcasters has been a good thing also. It seems that they are taking suggestions from those that participate seriously and from what Phil has said, some of these changes were viewer/broadcaster initiated requests.

We’ll see what the future brings. On Justopia.com, ChannelZ, who so tirelessly and graciously works on the site is continuously looking for ways to improve and enhance what we bring to you each night. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


4 Responses

  1. Oh I hate that I missed the show the other night. We got back from the hospital and I was just too pooped. It looked delicious though. I am excited about the “changes” and cannot wait to see what Jtv can do! Hope you have a fabulous day today! Can’t wait to see the show next time!

  2. Thanks Nursehand! How did things go???? Gonna be ok?

  3. Things went well. thank you for asking. Jason is tired and groggy from pain meds, but the doc thinks things are going to be fine. We will know for sure in 7 days. I wanted to watch the show tonight, but I think I am late…it is already 10:30. I will stop by and see if I can catch the last little bit. Have a great weekend!

  4. That’s a relief! I’m glad things went well! 🙂

    The broadcast was a partial disaster. JTV made some big improvements last night, but I had some difficulties with it tonight so we just used camera 2. It was funny really. I had to bring a small table into the kitchen to eat because I was not able to broadcast with my laptop! It was awfully hot in the kitchen, but it was fun nonetheless.

    It will be in the Justopia.com archives when we get to creating and uploading them.

    I am not going to broadcast tomorrow, but I will look forward to seeing you on Monday night! 🙂

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