Slip Sliding Away

Where Did the Time Go?


This was a recipe for Beef and Pepper Lo Mein that I tested for Cook’s Illustrated and as I suspected from the info and recipe it was bland and uninteresting. Boo

OMG! I’m living in yesterday. I came home from a very early and physically exhausting day at work and settled into an afternoon of watching TV from the well worn right-hand seat on the soft, homey, welcoming couch. I’d been recording all of my favorite shows from the beginning of the fall season and had watched just one episode of one show recently. I decided that today was the day I would make a small dent in the shows waiting in the queue for me rather then sitting around looking for something to entertain me on JTV.

Smart move, but a bit of an eye-opener. While hunkering down to episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I began to see ads for television shows I’d never heard of. What’s this, Women’s Murder Club? Or Big Shots? And Christina Applegate’s new show Samantha Who? And these are just the shows on ABC. I haven’t taken a dive into the NBC shows I have queued up, but I bet there are a slew of new ones I missed for lack of staying informed.


The recipe called for far too much volume in noodles …the ratios were off

My total immersion into JTV, a nightly broadcast and the job has left me with a blank spot. A scary, deep, dark hole. As I watched the commercials fly by (you see, I don’t use the fast forward button on the remote), it felt as though I was seeing a recording of my life on an old fashioned reel to reel tape player and there were parts of it missing. As though the tape broke at some point and was edited to put it back to piece, but portions of time were left on the editing room floor. I’ve missed out on the Samsung Juke and Comcast Triple Play offerings, all those Christmas ads I thought I had so cleverly avoided are coming back to haunt me now with TV show reruns.

And just who was the winner of the CMA Awards anyway?


I made a salad with lots of toasted coconut to punch up the dinner

Pretty soon I’ll be at the end of the list of recorded episodes of Grey’s. I heard there was a writer’s strike? I am going to be looking for a FOX channel up on the bar tomorrow to see if they will broadcast the behind the scenes action in one of the Super Tuesday primary states.

I really thought was going to be more active on the political campaign front seeing as how Michael is interested in politics and mentioned in an interview many months ago that he may have an interest in running for office one day. I thought surely that would amp things up in the political campaign arena, but to date, we have just seen Ron Paul channels.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I think I will take my laptop out for a spin to a place with WiFi connectivity and get some fresh air and a change of scenery.  If I can’t tear myself away from JTV entirely for the day, a change of venu is a good first step.  🙂


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