Help Me to Not Be Bored, a TO-Die-For Cake and a Must-Read Blog Post, a Thank You or Two and an Idea

Snore … zzzzzzzzzzzz


The most DEElicious cake for #1 son’s birthday! Chomp Chomp

When I have nothing to do and am at the mercy of someone else to keep me entertained, I look to JTV to help keep me from boredom. There’s nothing on so I started daydreaming, but it’s not easy these days. With ECV gone, or rarely broadcasting, the nights at JTV, after I am done broadcasting are eerily quiet. It seems that especially on weekends we are treated to a bevvy of children, or child-like behavior. Ok, it’s not just weekends. The latest thing seems to be “Room Wars.” One broadcaster angry with another. The bickering is more than I can handle. I don’t like it in real life, so I figure there’s no reason for me to engage in it in online, but it’s tough to get away from.


It seems as though at any given time if you tune into a channel that’s out front on the channel bar you are going to run into one feud or another. It’s like cats fighting. I saw video of one on again, off again broadcaster on the phone with other marginal broadcasters eating up a frequent broadcaster. The things being said were pretty ugly and although the broadcaster has had her moments, what was being said seemed to be purposefully hurtful and incredibly juvenile.

On a few occasions I’ve been asked to write about a specific issue. You know, to make an assessment and write my opinion, but I don’t do that. I just write what goes on in my head, and it seems to change from moment to moment.


Food Time

Crab Rangoon and Turkey Wraps with Kosher Dills on the Side — good snack food

We have been cooking up some pretty complex, labor-intensive, DEElicious meals and I do plan to get the recipes posted as soon as possible.

This video has a bit of instruction for you from last night’s feast.

This blog post is a must read. For some squeamish people, it might take you off-guard, but power through and you will most likely be on the floor laughing by the end.

Muchas Gracias Fellas!

I just want to send out a quick thank you to Honestguy for being there every night to moderate the room and to ChannelZ for well, for being the room … for building the site, for managing and producing it and for continually adding upgrades and features! You guys are the BEST!

A B.I.M.


What’s a B.I.M. you ask? Well, it’s what I’ll call a Bright Idea Moment. And I had one today. Well, tonight to be precise. As I was making the ganache for the To-Die-For cake for #1 son’s birthday and watching the comments in the room, I thought, hmmm… what if I produce this cake and offer it to ship it? Or how about if I make it in cup cake form and ship it in those great silicone cup cake wrappers and perhaps in a cup cake tin? Sure, it would be a little pricey, but what a gift, right? I could bake the cake and ship it out that afternoon. Wow! What a Bright Idea! I just need to determine the best packaging for the cake and we have a B.I.M. that can become reality.


Who’s in? Please respond with a comment to let me know if you’d be interested. Imagine being able to give that cake to a friend or loved one for a birthday or anniversary or graduation, or whatever celebration might be on your list. Hey! How about for Valentine’s Day?! I would decorate it just for the holiday. I am thinking out loud while WordPress goes through it’s blasted middle of the night, just when I am ready to post server maintenance. 😛

Post Script — if the photos don’t load properly, I will attempt to make it right tomorrow. The maintenance seems to be causing problems. Sorry!


10 Responses

  1. You know I would pay for one of your cakes! Not sure how well it will travel, but know it will be DEEElicious!

  2. Hi Texgal!

    No worries on the shipping. I’ll take care of it so that it arrives safe and sound. 🙂 I just need a few weeks and I think we can say … do it! 🙂


  3. oh my gosh!You made my day just thinking about doing that. I would definitley order one…or two…or maybe three haha. It looks so good. I would definitley have to get one for myself, a one for the mother-in-law, and one for a friend for sure….oh the list goes on and on haha. I am all for it.

  4. As soon as I get things together I will let everyone know. I think food such as this cake and banana bread and cookies, cupcakes and brownies would be great to send. And what great gifts too! DEElicious.

    Time to get ready for tonight’s show. “See” you in the kitchen!

  5. I love this idea. We need to make this idea a reality. I love chocolate, I love cake. and the two of them together just make my mouth water. Let me know how this progresses. Thanks for such a great show. Evenings on are very informative and relaxing. Hope all is well Justo).

  6. Hi Tigergreg!

    Thanks for the kind words. It looks like there is some interest in this idea, so I am going to go forward with it, but in the right way so that people get what they pay for an expect. It will take me just a little bit of time, but I expect to be whipping up some Justopian Jewels shortly! 🙂

    “See” you in the kitchen.

  7. The other blog post was absolutely hilarious…..and the comments added to the laughter. Thanks for sharing

  8. Hey Peekers,

    Which blog post are you referring to?

  9. It was underneath your video instruction of the appetizers you prepared and before you thanked Channelz and Honest where you said:
    “This blog post is a must read. For some squeamish people, it might take you off-guard, but power through and you will most likely be on the floor laughing by the end”
    You know the post about the ‘slippage’ and the ‘dune being raw’….don’t want to give away to much and spoil it for others. Now even funnier I share jokes and such with a couple of the guys in the office and couldn’t resist sending this to them…….lmao

  10. Oh right! I forgot about stumbling across that blog post. It had me rolling too! What a nut she is, eh?

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