ECV’s San Francisco Trip and a vs The Roxie Cook-off Reminder!

The Show Must Go On


Late Night with ECV, along with his sidekick, pceasy chat it up with Justin Kan of fame

It looks like ECV is taking a trip back to full time now that he’s had some face time with the crew. He had planned a 24/7 lifecasting event while in San Francisco and while it was not quite 24/7, he did broadcast in the afternoon and well into the wee hours of the morning. Just about daybreak here on the east coast, actually.


It was a little reminiscent of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon … if you listen carefully, pceasy’s voice does have that resonant quality that we were so familiar with during the late nights during Johnny’s reign


There was actually a studio audience. Here we see Justin squeezed in between KrystalTV and txballa

I tuned in for just a little while this afternoon and after some awkward silences in the car and on the street they made it up to the JTV offices. Again, more pregnant pauses which seemed to continue at the bar they wandered off to a while later, but it seems that things picked up after I left and went into the kitchen to take care of things before my broadcast.


Some one on one time with Justin

Once my show was over I had a chance to sit and chill with JTV and although a little later than advertised, ECV did appear at the JTV offices once again and with Phil’s help, got set up for a late night TV type show.

He interviewed HypeTV, KrystalTV, txballa, pceasy and eventually, Justin. Of all, I’d have to say that the time spent with Justin was the most interesting. Justin, although quite toned down from what we’ve seen in the past, was open, informative and his dry wit was working well. When ECV stepped out for a break, PC took over and did a fine job of continuing the interview.


There is always time for some Nerf action at the JTV ranch

At one point, well actually a couple of times, PC brought up this blog and Justin’s first reaction was something to the effect of, “Justopia is probably the only one that knows how smart I am. Actually knows I am not that smart, which I’m not. I’m a Yale graduate, but I just fake it.” I am paraphrasing. I tried to get into the archives which lately have been working very well, but for whatever reason, when it’s 4:12 in the morning and I really need to get to bed I can’t get any recorded video to pull up in either East Coast’s room or Life Doc’s. C’ est la vie. I am not sure if he was taking a shot at me, but a while later, at about 2:40am EST he definitely sent me a zinger. Something – in his best faking a middle aged woman’s voice – in the screeching tune of, “Those guys don’t know what they’re doing!” Ok! You’re right! I spent countless hours picking apart everything you guys did day and night, but since you stopped lifecasting I have been mum. There has been nothing remarkable or to inflame me enough to write about without being able to witness it for myself from this side of the screen.


And it’s not an ECV night without a little Jambi humping, but it fell flat because he wasn’t set up properly with music and a proper Jambi.

He went on to talk about how he loves the viewers and does not like those that have negative things to say about JTV naming Leo Laporte specifically. Part of what he had to say was not quite audible, so I missed the finer details of what happened, but if the archives are working in the next couple of days I may try to find the time to review them to see what I can make out.

iJustine was not a hot topic during the interview, but when asked about Dealer, he had only praise for him. EastCoast sang Justin’s praises tonight, a different tune from what we’d heard a couple of weeks ago, but time has a way of changing many things, and apparently ECV’s permanent departure to USTREAM is one of those changes.  Hell, I’m one of the original JTV fans-turned-broadcasters that hasn’t “threatened” to walk away from JTV.

Cook Off

Don’t forget to tune into at 9pm EST tonight (Thursday, January 17) for the first Iron Chef style cook-off. It will be the first live streaming coast to coast broadcast with two broadcasters whipping up two dishes using a secret ingredient. It should be a fun time. Be sure not to miss it!


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