A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl… and Some Help and Answers to JTV Questions


Sometimes there is just no way around it. When you need that chocolate fix fast and easily, there are ways around having to find just the right recipe, lugging the mixer out and measuring all kinds of ingredients in order to achieve the desired heavenly chocolate goodness that you see below.

Yes, sometimes even I need to go the packaged route! There, I said it! After standing on my feet all day, surrounded by most all of the culinary gadgets and kitchen supplies imaginable at Williams-Sonoma all day long, I found myself walking home after work with a luxurious looking box of molten chocolate cake mix this week.


I’d been cooking up a storm the past three weeks and decided that I needed a break from the intense multi ingredient and process cooking that I’ve been doing at Justopia.com and that it was time to take the easy route. I knew that this would be a simple dessert. I tucked into leftovers when I got home. I revisited a pulled pork barbecue sandwich and the DEElicious leftover Vietnamese noodle soup I made the other day — Pho. It was awfully nice not to clutter up the kitchen and have to clean up after one of my usual nightly food extravaganzas.


And it was simple. I opened the box, emptied the chocolate buttons — they were shaped like small dots really — into a double boiler while 2 sticks of butter were being gently melted in another pan on the stove. Once both had melted they were stirred into the pre-mixed mixture of dry ingredients and water which resulted in a pudding-like mixture. This was poured into 5 ounce ramekins and then left to bake in a 400ยบ oven for 18 minutes. Now, the key to this luxurious, DEElicious DEElight is that it really needs to be eaten right out of the oven. Part of the mixture pools and becomes a steamy, hot puddle of chocolatey goodness that finds it’s way out of the cake once a fork makes it’s way inside. It creeps out like a river of hot molten lava and while it’s burn-your-tongue hot, there is no holding off on a taste!

Michael Responds Quickly


I had some questions about the new Front Page interface on JTV and rather than playing the guessing and speculation game any more, I decided to send mail off to the JTV team. I received a quick reply from Michael and as a result, the room was hopping tonight. It was fun. The regular, loyal, core group of Justopians were enjoying themselves, but we had a whole new crowd joining us as well which made for some interesting questions and interactions.

I had a tough time keeping up with the chat — it was scrolling by very quickly, but it made for fun times and I don’t think I missed too much. Remember, tell all your friends and family to tune into justopia.com each night and follow me on twitter.com/justopia for up to date notices of when I am broadcasting so that you don’t have to miss a beat!


Be sure to log into justopia.com so that you can participate in the trivia challenges and so that you can see all of the great dual camera cooking and inteactive fun! Don’t be left on the side.