Wow, I didn’t think last night’s post would cause the chatter and concern that it did. When I did my show tonight, many were speculating on the identity of the person I was referring to and some were convinced I was writing about them. I have no intention of identifying, but the interesting thing is that people were concerned. Both male and female. So, what’s the message in that? People are out on the service behaving one way and then at other times being someone completely different?  I suppose it’s always been this way on the interent.  It’s a “safe” place to become someone else.  If you are shy, you need not grow weak at the knees when having a conversation with someone.  If you are not good about expressing your feelings in real life, typing your most heartfelt thoughts to a virtual stranger may be the answer.

I’d like to try my hand at it, but it’s like a practical joke.  I’ve tried those a few times and end up laughing or giving up the secret just moments into it.  I just have to be me, not some contrived, made up person behind a mask.

The post was brought up on the EastCoastVegas show on USTREAM tonight and I think I explained the post well when Lorenzo asked me to call in and clear things up.

What is curious is that only one person has posted a comment about the post since publishing lsat night.


7 Responses

  1. The sad thing is, you can believe you are forming lasting bonds with a person but that person, in reality, may not exist. Yes, there is safely in internet annonymity but it can be a lonely place to live if a person is searching for something “real.”

    I’m not speaking from personal experience, mind you, just an observation from a perpetual observer.

    Your writings inspire self reflection. That’s cool. =)

    KiKi xoxo

  2. LOL! Well, can you at least tell me that it’s NOT me? Honestly, it’s not that I have a guilty conscience about what I’ve said in other rooms, it’s that I’d hate to be misunderstood. Occasionally I do say things in jest, but it’s nothing that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Even my bosses have commented on my boldness.

  3. I kind of treat the internet like I did my penpals I had as a pre-teen. (One in England and another in Australia) Some things are real but some things might not be.
    I was hoping you would post a picture of last nights finished foccacia 😦

  4. Hey Sumdance,

    I’m sorry I didn’t post food shots last night. I faded quickly and almost fell asleep on my keyboard. You’ve got stills and a slideshow tonight. 🙂

  5. Kirstie,

    Nothing to worry about. I think it’s worth looking at Stadol’s post. 🙂

  6. kirstie, first tiime visitor – good read this blog, well done.

  7. Jeff,

    Thanks for stopping in and reading and taking the time to comment. Why don’t you come on in to http://www.justopia.com and see the cooking and interaction in real time too!


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