Observations, New JTV Features and A Night Off

Do I Really Know You?

I know this is only the Internet, but the Internet is real, isn’t it? I mean it is a tangible object. We can touch it, see it, hear it. One sense that is not yet included in our Internet experience is smell.

In some respects that is a real mitzvah — an act of human kindness. I don’t want to imagine what kinds of smells or aromas may assault our olafactory system if such technology was available right now. I am sure there would be evil lurking around every corner. On the positive side of “smellovision” would be the ability to experience enjoyable smells. Imagine what a hay-day admen/women would have with this? If I owned a restaurant, you can be sure I’d be posting banner ads all over the place with the enticing aromas that would come out of my kitchen in real life to grab the attention of future patrons.

Grocery stores might be invaded at strange hours after an ad ran with the “smellovision” feature prompting people to go right to the store to pick up the advertised food product. I mean think about it. It happens now without the ability to smell or taste what we see on Television, the Internet orprinted publications, so I can only imagine it would be exponentially exaggerated with smell and/or taste.

A look back at some summertime food videos. This time, Sausage and Peppers Napolitano

And Another Thing

All this brings up another observation I’ve made today. I was in a few rooms lurking this afternoon. It’s something I do often. I am always tempted to “speak up,” but if I’m “made,” it can be detrimental to my blogging health. So I just hang out in a room, see what’s going on, sit on my hands and leave before I lose to temptation.

What I saw this morning was really no different from any other day in my past 230 JTV days, but for some reason it made me cock my head. I was in a room of a beautiful young East Coast caster with talent. She sings, she cooks, she’s got looks. Should I be jealous? Sure. But, that’s not what I am here to talk about. What I noticed was the banter in the room by some of the chatters I have “hung out with” or have chatted with in various rooms around the network. I have seen this phenomenon across the service. A person I thought I “knew” says things that are so totally out of character, or at least different from the character I have come across during our interactions together.

It’s nothing bad. Nothing terribly negative, just a reminder that we truly — I mean really — absolutely — don’t know who the heck we are “speaking” with from behind the monitor. And that’s just the people that we see chatting in the names we are familiar with. How many are in rooms with us using different usernames … names we don’t link to the name they introduced themselves to us with? It’s all so mysterious and intriguing to me.

After seeing some of the conversations I’ve observed in numerous rooms recently, I am left to wonder what the person’s true personality is. Lust-filled single guy or conservative, genteel, married man? The same question holds true for the female gender.

Earlier, someone was saying that I am a very open minded person. I am not sure I am any more open minded than the average person, but one thing I know I am is real. I don’t put on airs. I don’t act one way around some people and another in different situations. I am not good at the fake, phony, pretend to be — game. I can only be me. It’s how I write as well and why I think I struggle to finish any novel I have ever started to pen. I run out of the real me and am challenged to write something totally fabricated. I don’t know how to “be” someone I am not. Going into a room and pretending to be someone else seems like way too much work. I wonder if it’s really just laziness that prevents me from getting caught up in the multiple personality thing on JTV or just the knowledge that I would screw up the lie about 1/2 way through the charade and have to throw my hands up in frustration and embarrassment and walk away?

Front Page

We’ve all noticed changes to the JTV user interface this weekend and there is much chatter about it. There are questions about the functionality of the page and the site and of course complaints. There will always be complaints from people when there is change. I find the profile feature easy to use, although I am not exactly sure how the Fans vs. Favorites works yet, but it seems more clearly designed than the other social networking sites. I don’t understand how the schedule feature works on the Front Page. I have a schedule, but don’t see it listed, so that is confusing. The only thing I see listed is a church service. I’ll send a note to the guys when I’m done here to find out what’s up.

I see Bradman’s broadcast running in the Live Channels section and wonder how his show is the one featured? It does not appear to be based on viewer count because clearly there are other channels at the moment with more viewers than his — Female Fight Club being one of them. Eeeek! Female Fight Club? Well, I am not one for male fighting either, so I don’t imagine I will ever spend time in that room.

So, I click on the Most Viewerse tab and featured at the top is a room with 3 teens. I go into the room and there are 140-ish viewers and most seem to be kiddies and pervs. People are giving their phones numbers in the room. Apparently the girls asked for numbers to call. To me, it seems like a disater waiting to happen. I can’t imagine any of these girl’s parents being happy about what’s going on in here. Of course some of the numbers are just random numbers and the girls are calling and waking people up at 1:40am.

I guess some things never change with teenagers, do they?


12 Responses

  1. Amen, sister.

  2. Hi Kiki!

    Thanks for stopping by to read and to comment.

    So … Amen to what? To the fact that we could be detrimentally overwhelmed by horrible smells if there was “smellovision?” Or Amen to the fact that we really, truly, I mean come on people — totally — unaware of just who we are “speaking” with online? Or that teenage girls having a sleepover via online streaming video is a wacked out, crazy scary for anyone that may care about their health and well being idea? 🙂

  3. Justopia,

    Where you referring to me in your “And Another Thing” section? I believe I said something earlier about you celebrating whatever holiday you want. I believe you have underlying morals, but the feel I get from talking to you is that you’re very level headed and not superstitious or ethnocentric.

    And, being female, I will never flirt with your or comment about you being sexy while smoking. Hehe. But, yes, I did make a comment earlier about iTed being sexy while smoking. It was an honest comment. I did a paper in film school on cigarettes in film and it’s a sexual prop. It’s also an cheap, instant “bad boy” prop. I went on to tell him that there’s a point at with smoking stops being sexy. Chain smokers are definitely NOT sexy.

    A favorite quote of mine is, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” That’s by Dr. Seuss. That’s how I live my life.

    Oh, and my one and only jtv screenname is llkirstiebean.

  4. Hi Kirstie, — llkirstiebean 🙂

    It’s funny how much conversation this post generated in the room tonight. I am going to keep the identity of the person(s) to myself — not saying whether it is male or female or both (if it’s a combo of various people). It’s all good.

  5. Hi Justopia,

    You are listed on the schedule. If you click on the word “Schedule” at the top of the box rather than the day, it opens a window and you scroll down … you’re at the bottom of the list. I think the scrolling in the box for the day isn’t working.

    Vietnamese, umm. I live in the most heavily vietnamese populated section of Boston … great stores and restaurants!

    Have a good day

  6. Amen to just being real. In my own little world, there is no other way to be. Dishonesty or “putting on airs” is simply a colossal waste of energy. Haha…my own little oxy-moron. I love knowing that what you write is real, as I am the same way. I’ve started so many of my own “novels” and when I get to the point where I have to “make stuff up”, I’m stumped. Like you, I write what I know, and the only thing I truly know is me. Keep up the awesome work, you’ve got a devoted reader in me.
    KiKi xoxo

  7. Thanks Kiki,

    It becomes more and more difficult to find things to write about relating to JTV each day. It used to be easy, but the words are not coming so easily any longer. I may have to start digging deeper into competing lifecasting networks to see what they are all about to come up with material.

    Thanks for continuing to read and comment.

  8. Hi Gemini,

    I noticed that I was on the schedule when I looked again yesterday during the daytime. It looks like schedules show up on some kind of interval time period. Possibly “the schedules for the next 12 hours” or something like that.

    So, do you eat Vietnamese food often? I really like it, but don’t go often. I am missing a major component to tonight’s meal — cilantro! I am going to have to get my act together and go out and see if I can drum some up. It’s odd. None of the stores had fennel for a few weeks and now none have cilantro. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Very odd, but it’s not Vietnamese food without cilantro! 😦

  9. Re: And Another Thing

    Just an observation: Although not an impossible feat for JTV’ers, I think that it is easier for those folks who do not have a JTV channel to be deceptive in words or action.

  10. Hi Justopia,

    I think you probably covered it in your show when you said that your post was meant to cover a general “amalgom of people” in the various chat rooms. I think that’s pretty accurate. After all, I’ve discussed with you how I, personally, am just a silly goof off in Arnaud’s room, but I try to switch on my brain a bit more when I’m in your room.

    Yup, an amalgom. Sounds good to me!

  11. Hi Stadol,

    Totally — I’ve seen so many people on JTV and now in USTREAM come in and be very different than the person I have spoken with that it’s more like just the “norm.” It speaks to the fact that this medium is one that allows people to express themselves other than how they would in real life. Maybe it’s better that they have this outlet to let off steam than doing it in person, eh?

  12. I agree 100% Cindy. If you put yourself out there expect to see and “hear” things that aren’t always real positive, but people that are cloaked under a mask of “unidentity” are able to more freely express themselves. :/

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