Is the Grass Greener?

JTV Broadcasters on the Move


Chicken and Dumplings with Better than Steamed Broccoli

It looks like JTV broadcasters are making a run for the border one after the other. I have not quite figured out exactly what the beef is with Justin and the guys, but what I keep hearing is that “JTV doesn’t give any support to it’s broadcasters.” I am at a loss to understand what support people feel is due to them? It seems that some of the people that are leaving are unhappy about what they feel is a disparity in offers of lifecasting equpiment. I don’t know the details so I won’t comment, but I do recall EastCoastVegas telling us that he was expecting delivery on a lifecaster set-up from the JTV crew weeks ago and it seems that it did not happen and this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. JTV is a free service. We can use their resources without charge and without limitations. Yes, there are technical challenges. Yes, the site is rampant with people you wouldn’t bring home to mom and yes kids seem to rule the roost when school is out, but I am not sure yet what will be so different for those JTV broadcasters that are taking the leap?


ECV drew a very large crowd tonight. At one point he was up to about 500 viewers. I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to move his fans from JTV to USTREAM so easily, but it looks like he made the transition without missing a beat and picked up a lot of USTREAM viewers as well. Some seemed to be like fish out of water, not clear what was going on and why ECV was making fun of people, but no one seemed to be enraged enough to yell and scream and if they didn’t just pick up and leave, I’d venture a guess that they will be back for more tomorrow.


The Roxie called in and when questioned about the rumored move to USTREAM she confirmed that she is hoping to be streaming there by the end of the week, but neither Roxie or ECV were big on communicating details of their reasons for leaving JTV. From the looks of the banner placement ECV had on USTREAM tonight, he is getting some kind of support from the team there. I am going to have to take the time to check out other broadcasts to get a better feel for how things go on USTREAM. I have a channel there which we use as back up for those nights when JTV is not working, but we’ve only had to launch the channel 2 times that I can recall in the past month or so and it worked quite well.


I lost ECV’s feed at a critical point tonight. EastCoast was saying that he received email from Justin and … and that’s where the broadcast died. I am soooo curious to know what Justin had to say to ECV.

I guess I’ll never know.


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  1. Justopia:

    I hope you had a Happy New Year.

    USTREAM is just a better choice for the East Coast Vegas show. ECV is able to do and have a number of things with USTREAM that he was not with A few of those include; being able to embed CHAT and our broadcast on, streaming our highlights 24/7 without having to turn on any of our computers, promotion on the USTREAM homepage, a relationship with USTREAM management, and better audio and video.

    Sunday night when we broadcasted our Talkshoe cast on USTREAM, we had around 100 more viewers than we usually have on Last night, we had approximately 500 viewers.

    The major complaint from JTV users is that the community at USTREAM is smaller. I think that’s all starting to change with ECV’s switch to USTREAM. While I cannot comment as to why Roxie or other broadcasters are moving to USTREAM, we certainly welcome them over.

  2. Hey PC,

    Thanks for the comment. I noticed (and noted) that ECV had a large audience this morning and that he picked up some USTREAM viewers as well. Ok, some were not at all sure what the show as about and were put off, but as I mentioned, some will end up staying.

    If it weren’t for the lousy Flash chat, I think you guys would see less whining about the move. Flash is just an ugly dog when it comes to chat and adding Crapstats or any other macro-based information driver to it doesn’t help with such small font. At times, the macros took over most of the chat window and I seriously don’t care what the weather is in Dubuke! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Time for me to take a hike over to USTREAM before heading to work to see what it’s like there in the daylight. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wonder why you were not able to embed the stream from JTV to As you know, the video/audio is powered by JTV on

    Anyway, I am happy ECV is up and running again and he seemed to be in good spirits.

  3. Wow. It’s a free service! I can’t believe ECV would want something from JTV. How is JTV making its money anyway? I believe in survival of the fittest. In most cases (I’m not cruel and unfeeling) I believe people need to work for what they get. If ECV wants such a great channel and set-up, then he should work for it. Have a chipin for God’s sake! If he draws the viewers to donate money, he can have all the nice equipment he wants. On the other had, I don’t know what’s wrong with the set-up he has now.

    Anyway, I’ve only watched ECV once or twice. It was rather hilarious. I hope he continues to do well.

  4. Hey Kirstie,

    I didn’t intend to start the war of the lifecasting networks really. I think that if JTV committed to giving ECV equipment and didn’t deliver that definitely makes a good case for being less than thrilled with the network, but if there may be other concerns with other JTV broadcasters that we are not privvy to. It’s too bad that people are leaving because community is what JTV has been all about, but I would imagine the same kind of socialization will go on at the other networks and in time it will all be normal.

    That is one of the beauties of We don’t need to move … we are where we like to be and the features are great!


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