Room Explosion and a Happy New Year

So Many Rooms, so Little to Watch


I decided to log into Colloquy (the Mac IRC client) this morning and was surprised at what I found. It’s hard to believe that there have been so many rooms created on JTV in the past 9 months. I tried to find a room with people logged into it and found nothing until I scrolled down to AlexaTV and AlexKing and then nothing until Alyssum. It looks like the Al’s are “popular” — if you consider 1 – 3 people in a room anything to shake a stick at. When I dropped farther down the list I found 188 people in this room — ameenonline. It looks like the one we see on the bar that shows soccer matches.

I scrolled to the bottom of the list and saw no rooms with triple digits other than ameenonline, but JTV is reporting 547 live viewers. I’ve never understood how viewer numbers are counted here, it’s just interesting to take a look.

Ringing in the New Year Around the Lifecasting Networks


After broadcasting I headed over to the New Year’s Eve party in Brooklyn with Mr_Amazing, his wife Friskie, Spookygrl, Ralphthenacho and the Amazing’s relatives.  It reminded me of Y2k and the celebrations around the world.