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What’s Next?


Yesterday after putting together the cassoulet I realized I had far too much pork shoulder leftover and needed to think something to do with the remaining pork that I had cut into 3/4″ pieces. That was easy. I pulled out the small Rival Crock Pot and put the pork in with cider vinegar, brown sugar, paprika, garlic, salt pepper, and onion and a bit of water and let it cook over a period of 8 hours. I pulled it out of the crock and let it cool so that I could do something with it for dinner tonight. The result was pulled pork barbecue.


And it made one wonderful sandwich on a potato roll with home made cole slaw and a potato salad with eggs and tomatoes. Wow, was it ever a DEElicious dinner, but that wasn’t the end of it. Before the broadcast was over, we were back in the kitchen whipping up a DEElicious Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. If you weren’t there, you missed out!


I don’t normally like using silicone pans for baking, but I made sure the oven was preheated to the proper temperature and kept an eye on things so that it didn’t come out too early or too late. The result — a DEElicious treat. It is so easy. As a matter of fact, the entire meal was easy.


I am finally going to be able to catch up on posting some of the recent recipes and will be putting together a New Years Eve menu that I will broadcast on Sunday. We’ll do some nice finger foods that you can create for your own party this coming week.


Oh, and did I say how much I love the snowfall that the WordPress guys created for the holiday season this year? I would love to see it or some other animation continue after January 2, but that is the date the snow is going to melt and go away. I wonder if we will have some animated hearts for Valentine’s Day and what do we have in store for President’s Day, do I dare ask?

New Fan

I am a new Paula Dean convert. Actually, very new. After the broadcast tonight I tuned into the FoodNetwork and Pauls was on with a Fire and Ice episode. It was a great show — so much better than hopping channels in JTV for a night. She had Dorothy Hammel on first. I have not seen the gold medal olympic skater in years and have to say that she looks incredible. She is a year older than me and looks 10 years younger! Then a couple of guys called Fear No Ice performed ice sculpture carving in a very entertaining way to music. They work swiftly and with great skill and it is a bit scary to watch with chain saws blazing. They carved out the Paula Dean’s Party logo in a few minutes flat. The next segment was a fire segment and a guy that eats fire was the guest. She finished with Ben & Jerry’s and a couple of flavors that were inspired by some of her recipes.


One of the guys from Fear no Ice was invited up to the stage and he brought salad plates made from ice with him to which he added a salad with a really cool dressing which I plan to create for tomorrow night’s broadcast. He made a dressing from a frozen vinaigrette. I like my salad cool and crisp, and this seems like a perfect twist. I can’t wait.


In all, I am happy that I turned on the tube tonight and my plan is to wake up and turn on the FoodNetwork to get inspiration for he week’s menus.


3 Responses

  1. Justopia,
    That dinner really looked great tonight. You mentioned posting recipes, I really hope you include everything you made tonight. Thanks for all the work you do broadcasting for us and writing your blog. I enjoy them both.

  2. Hi Lorelei,

    Thanks for stopping by. I will be posing the recipes, it will just take me a little time. It was so DEElicious!

  3. Hey, I’m in the picture saying “cheese.” 🙂

    I wish I was able to stick around to watch you finish the banana bread. It’s too bad I always work at 0700.

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