The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Full Disclosure


Sorini Panetone French Toast with Bacon and Preserves

In the call center world, full disclosure is an important term. Fully disclosing the details of a verbal contract are essential Ensuring that the person on the other end of the phone understands and is fully aware of what is going to happen next with the service, or product or process he or she called or was called about is essential to mitigating the need for a repeat call and for potential legal ramifications in the future.


In many cases, full disclosure is a means of educating people. Take cigarette packages, for example. Without the full disclosure, or disclaimer, some people would have no idea that they were about to shorten their life if they did not read the warning on the side of the carton or package. I’m not sure how they could be so uninformed, but I do believe there are people that still live in caves.

Guess What?


So, with full disclosure in mind I decided today was the day to inform my children of the Justopian life. I decided that since one of my sons was off being a scientist and working on argon dating rock samples and the other was on his way to being the next Federico Fedellini, making films that will hopefully win great praise outside of friends and family, that it was time for me to let them in on my JTV life.

So, now they know — their mom is on “TV” cooking and there is one last group to tackle. It’s the tough one too, but it will have to be done sooner or later — my folks and sister. I mean, how do I hide the lamp without the shade on the pass-through in the kitchen, the monitor and computer on the counter across from the sink and the cookbooks all over when they come to visit?


It’s got a nice crisp on the outside and is creamy on the inside. DEElicious!


I didn’t realize until someone mentioned it that the channel bar icons have been restored to their former size so now you don’t need to have an icon that stands out against JTV blue. Apparently a person or two did not realize that this is my icon now.


That makes it easier on baby boomer eyes. Which brings up a question I’d like answered. Why didn’t they tell us in school that once you turned about 40 your eyes would rebel? We learn all kinds of stuff in health ed, but nothing about aging. What’s THAT all about?

Who’s Minding the Store?

I remember a few weeks ago there was some creep on camera doing gross things and that the channel remained on the bar for a while until it was banned. I seem to recall it was a day or weekend when the boys were not around — maybe the weekend of the football game? Anyway, I believe he was back this afternoon. I made the mistake of clicking on an icon and being met with old male body parts on my monitor. I quickly clicked through, and ended up in Dealer’s room. Alan and his viewers were talking about it and I have a feeling … just a guess … that it’s the same guy. He’s no idiot. I bet he had the fratboys figured out. It’s like — When the cat’s away… So, it was a big holiday and pervy man figured he could get his jollies until the JTV crew was notified.

As far as I know, this kind of thing has been pretty well controlled, but even one time is a bad thing, especially since there are bound to be minors hanging around on the site and potentially being exposed. Oh well, I give up asking the questions about Terms of Service enforcement on JTV. It’s an old question and that dead horse has been punished enough.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Justie 😀
    Took a quickpeek in here, and got in the mood for breakfast *lookes yummie*
    ~Sorini Panetone French Toast with Bacon and Preserves~
    What are the ingr to dip the bread in ?

    Hope everthing is oki with you ? Saw that you are a little bit tired 😉

    Love Susie *hugs*
    (operaded my stomach 6 weeks ago, got some complications, but are almost fine now !)

  2. Hiya Susie!

    I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing after your surgery. I was worried when we hadn’t heard from you. I am sorry you had complications, but am happy to hear you are on the mend.

    This was basic French Toast so all I did was put the slices in a pan, pour some milk in and let the bread soak up the milk. Then I whisked eggs. I took the bread out of the milk — carefully — and put it in the egg mixture and then into a pan with butter and a little corn oil. And Voila! French Toast! DEElicious! 🙂

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