I’ll Stay Home for Christmas… and a new Justopia.com Product Line at Zazzle!

OMG! I did it again. I was up so late putting this post together and yet I forgot to click the Publish button! LOL S So…here is yesterday’s post. And since I’m here, I thought I’d post a link for a great blog post I read this morning. It makes me thankful for the job I have! It’s called Will Work for Tips and I just added it to my blogroll. It’s too good to forget and the particular post I note here is a real winner.



Braised lamb shank and couscous with dried apricots

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the new year. I have not been bombarded by Christmas commercials this year because I haven’t really turned on the TV for any period of time since the spring, but working retail has taught me a real lesson in how things go during the holidays.


I haven’t really been into the whole thing since my boys were young so I have not had to do battle in the malls, but working in a popular store during this season has shown me how things go from the other side of the counter. It’s a pretty eye opening experience. I am worried and yet kind of excited to see what tomorrow brings. People desperate in that last minute attempt to get just the perfect thing for the person they love. Ummm…why wait until the very last minute if you truly love the person. Why hasn’t thought gone into this long before the last minute?

I’m just sayin’

Justopia.com Apparel and More

I’m a clicker. I am one of the “cash cows” that marketers love to death. I click on banners and advertisements and especially love the video ads I come across — or should I say that are served to me. An ad caught my eye yesterday before I headed to work and I was immediately hooked. It was an AT&T ad and it led me to Zazzle.com. It is a marketplace for custom designed products.

I saw it and immediately went to work creating some justopia.com paraphenalia! Spookygrl requested a justopia.com coffee mug, so I will work on that this week as well as what is currently out there — apron, calendar and mousepad. What’s next? I bet I can come up with a whole bunch of stuff! Be on the look out for your justopia.com item! Suggestions are welcome.


I stepped onto the balcony when I saw the wild stuff going on in the skies to the west and when I looked down I saw people and cars and rain all mixing it up on the day before the day before Christmas. I think the rain stopped some from getting out and finishing up today. What does that mean for tomorrow?! 🙂


Mad crush at Best Buy tonight!


2 Responses

  1. Hey… do you ever eat at the macaroni grill? I enjoy their herbs and bread. They used to have a delicious ceasar quesadilla thing… it’s not on the menu anymore. My family seems to hate the restaraunt. Hmmm. I love almost any mid-class Italian restaurant. I’m pickier with my pizza.

  2. Hi again Kirstie,

    I need to spend some time photographing the prep work too. I don’t have a great lighting set up when I shoot the finished product at the table, but for now there is not much I can do about it. I did see some great lamps at Pottery Barn that are a take off on photographer’s lamps and I think would work great. I don’t get a discount on Pottery Barn, but if I get hired on after the season I think that might be one of the benefits, so I am just waiting to see.

    What I really need is the ability to overlay the recipes on the photos. I think people would eat that up. Hehehehe – pun intended! LOL

    I have eaten at Macaroni grill. My team in New Mexico loved it and when I’d take them to lunch for a meeting, they’d practically beg to go to Mac Grill, so we went often. I think it’s like the others – Olive Garden, Carrabas, etc. Not my favorites because they are kind of greasy and salty, but my friends like to go so I do partake. Macaroni Grill is right across the street from me. I can see it right now as a matter of fact. LOL Oh! And … if I open my balcony door, I can smell it this time of day. The Italian food smells waft over to my building at this time of day when they are doing their prep work, although it’s more prevalent when it’s warm outside.

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