You’ve Got to Have Friends

Social Networks

I’m not a fan of Facebook and I’m not a fan of MySpace. LinkedIn has never made me feel all giddy, and Plaxo is well, nothing to jump up and down about, But has changed how I feel about these things. I thought they were a cluttered, useless mess, but JTV’s approach is much more simple, clean and not overwhelmingly crowded with useless “stuff” I won’t use. Maybe it’s not that it’s so easy to use but rather, the fact that I “know,” at least by user name and sometimes avatar or photo, the people that have “friended” me or that I have “friended,”

In a span of less than 24 hours I have more friends on my JTV social network than I do in any of the others I am registered with. And I suspect I will get more use out of it as well.

I’ve gotten a few messages and have sent a few myself this evening. All in all, at first blush, I am liking the new features and look forward to whatever is next on the JTV horizon.


2 Responses

  1. I would love to suggest for you if you are a fan of Justin.Tv – blogTV has a really close knit community and offers everything you love about vlogging.

  2. Thank you Kara, I’ll check it out.

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