Where Do I Find This Guy?



Seared tuna, Chinese long beans and home made no-knead bread

I have a multi part question — Who planned planned obsolescence and did he/she have a plan for avoiding the lynch mob that would go after him as his plan was executed or if things became obsolete well before planned? I want answers to these questions.

I bought this home just over 6 years ago. It was brand-spanking new. I actually signed the contract for it three years earlier. Yes, it took that long for it to be completed. It’s a “high rise” condominium building and it took a year longer than planned. No big deal, I wasn’t living in the US anyway and it was a really great thing that I was living 10,000 miles away and not able to drive by and watch as every nook, cranny and corner was put up, but what I didn’t get to see was the quality of construction.


Ok, so NO! I would not have been able to tell the difference between good and shoddy construction, but I would have believed I would have known the difference. I also did not get to participate in determining what upgrades I wanted or color of tiles, fireplace surround, kitchen appliances, etc.  Again, not a problem.  My parents were happy to drive down, go to the model, pick the stuff out and get me on the phone to approve. It turned out GREAT!  I love it here. But I am not happy today.

A year ago — Exactly to the week — the dishwasher stopped working. What a drag. I had just been laid off after 12 years at AOL and I did not feel like springing for a new dishwasher at that point, so I waited. A few months later, after a lot of hand washed pots, pans and dishes I replaced the old one. Ok, so I was not happy that after just 5 years the dishwasher decided to take a walk, but I figured things happen and didn’t go off the deep end about it. Instead, I kicked myself for letting the maintenance program lapse on the kitchen appliances while living in Argentina. My bad.

So where is this leading you ask?


Today, I woke up to a cell phone that, although plugged into the charger all night, was dead as a doorstop. I couldn’t pick up my Twitter Tweets on the phone.  Ack!  I tried everything but nothing worked. This was a replacement to the original phone which I bought a year ago after it stopped working a few months ago. Verizon replaced the phone without question or problem and I figured all was well.

Um, no so much. I took this one to Verizon and it turns out the charger was the problem, so for more $$ I purchased a replacement. Ugh. Surely a charger was built to last more than 12 months?

As if that was not enough, I decided to make a no-knead bread dough last night. It’s mixed and placed into a bowls overnight to rise in the warmest part of the kitchen. Usually that is an oven that is turned off. I got the dough done just before heading off to bed and woke up excited to bake it off. I haven’t baked bread in 20 years and was excited at the prospect of the smell of yeast filling the corners of the kitchen. I preheated the oven, put the bread into a pot as instructed and waited for the oven to come up to temperature. Nothing! No heat! It was barely warm! I was in a panic! I had concerns that there was something not quite right two nights ago when I made the DEElicious Pinwheel Rugelach. They took far longer than they should have and I ended up turning the oven to convection to get them done.


The best part of this bread is the incredibly crunchy crust

That same night my refrigerator was humming very loudly and I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would not be on it’s way out as well. When I realized I had no working oven this morning I began to think of alternative ways to plan meals. All stove top cooking is possible, but not a great idea. A Cuisinart broiler/griller/convection oven is a good alternative and I’ve lived that way before overseas, but I don’t want to live that way in my own home.

What was going on? Are appliances now constructed to work for only 5 or 6 years before they break down? It seems like highway robbery to me! I know that things like light bulbs and automobile tires and many other things were designed with a limited life in mind, but seriously — FIVE or SIX years for my kitchen appliances?!

Where is Mr. Planned Obselescence? I want to have a conversation with that guy! NOW!

And what does this have to do with JTV?  Well, nothing really.  I doubt the fratboys would put any plans in place to make JTV obslete.  Actually it’s highly unlikely they would want JTV to ever become obsolete!


2 Responses

  1. Hmmmm. Maybe Justin and Company will spring for a new oven for you. After all, you do have the cokking show on j.tv. Whattya think? 😉

  2. Great idea! What do you think? Shoul I send Justin and the boys email or maybe pop into Justin’s channel and ask nicely? Somehow I don’t see it happening. LOL

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