A New Day at Justopia.com, Great Food and an Elf Greeting

Isn’t Technology GREAT?!


Texgal sent along a couple of shots of her tree with the frame she won in a recent Justopia.com trivia contest. WTG Texgal!

Well, technology and people. ChannelZ, the man behind the curtain, the wizard, the true star, has added a feature to broadcasting at Justopia.com that has created another dimension to the broadcast. It gives the viewers another perspective on the cooking and frees me up from having to constantly move the laptop to capture views of what I am doing. We now have a second camera feed which is being pushed into the video window at justopia.com. No one else is doing this and for a how to channel, it’s an incredible addition. A feature that I would think many lifecasters would like to employ.

In order to see the dual camera broadcast viewers need to be logged into Justopia.com. It will not work in Justin.tv. We bring the JTV feeds into Justopia.com and then ChannelZ works his magic behind the screen and what you get is a much more professional looking interactive cooking show.


A close-up of the frame

When you see ChannelZ around, be sure to give him a ^5 or just a simple Thank You. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. He’s put in countless hours working on Justopia.com and there is even more yet to come! Also, please be sure to bring your friends and family to Justopia.com. The more the merrier and the more people the more impetus and inspiration for feature additions.


Once again tonight we were busy cooking up a storm. We baked off the Mahogany Chicken Wings, cooked up some Cocktail Franks and made DEElicious Pinwheel Rugelach. Wow! I am exhausted and didn’t get

And then, when I was all done and the kitchen was cleaned up, I was sent a great eCard. I had received one for Hannuka, but this one was a bit different. I could not help myself and immediately stopped what I was doing and created my own Elf greeting with myself and my boys.

I LOVE technology!


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