I Tried



Spicy Coconut Almonds

Really, I did. I tried to find something of interest this afternoon. I clicked on every icon on the channel bar and came up empty. I mean totally empty. Dealer was looking at his machine and typing, his head under a big black cowboy hat. Lisa was sitting on the edge of her bed trying on a sweater, engaged in mindless banter with her drooling viewers. The NakedCowboy was in Times Square in the middle of what I would imagine was a very very cold rain storm. I’m not sure there will be many people out on the street, but he’s committed. MagicRich was watching other channels, eTard was sleeping, the less than green LindsayLights channel was broadcasting a great snow storm and so it went.

The one that caught my attention was phixx — a channel showing Home Alone (not sure whether it was the original or a sequel) with what appeared to be Swedish subtitles. I wonder if they think that it’s legal to rebroadcast a copyrighted movie if it’s got subtitles? Or maybe their command of the English language is not clear enough to understand the CDMA guidelines.

When I came back after lunch and a return trip to Radio Shack for the correct USB cable for the new kitchen camera set up, I once again tried to find something of interest. Instead I ended up hopping over to my current favorite food blog site The Smitten Kitchen and as always was in for a good read and a look at some DEElicious looking food and recipes. I am going to need to make the Rugaelach Pinwheels sometime in the next week or so. They just look too DEElicious to not try them with all of you. I think they should be part of a challenge giveaway, what do you think?!

Lifecasting? Livecasting? Postcasting?


After my trip around the food blogosphere I ventured back to JTV and saw more of the same. I noticed Nekomimi Lisa in the #1 spot on the channel bar however and when I took a look to see what she was up to I was a bit surprised to see her in a tank top and panties. I guess her apartment is warm, but it did make for top channel placement. What I noticed that was odd was that her USTREAM feed was running far ahead of the JTV feed — to the tune of about 20 minutes according to some.

That raises a question. What is lifecasting — in terms of chronology? If it’s supposed to be live streaming video why isn’t it live? Pastcasting seems a more suitable term.

Current Events Remains Taboo on JTV

So, it happened again and I am pissed off. I tuned into JTV after copying some recipes and paying bills. I suppose paying bills put me in a bad mood, but it’s likely that had nothing to do with it. I am just looking for a good excuse for what made me feel all prickly.

I went into Arnaud’s room. I pop in and out of there from time to time, but usually do not speak up. Today I threw a comment out there because the talk turned to the US and what Americans think of the French. I made a comment about how the generalizations, the stereotypes are ridiculous. People were saying that Americans started “hating” the French with the onset of the Iraq war and their refusal to become involved, but I made a comment that this goes back to WWII. No one seemed to pick up on it. The talk went around and around and Arnaud was talking about the rioting in France that happened a couple of weeks ago. Again, people were not really picking up on it. I made a comment about how a couple of years ago the US media made it appear that France was burning down with rioting and Arnaud spoke to that comment a bit saying he was in Boston at the time, but that it was not really reported accurately.


Then the conversation turned to the current rioting and Arnaud’s perception that it is an issue with Algerian immigrants. Most people seemed to either be clueless to what went on or to not want to talk about it or anything that was not “fun.” That’s what got my ire up. I have had enough of people saying things like, “I don’t read the paper or watch the news because it’s too depressing.” Well damn it! It is depressing out there! Things are not all that hunky dory, but pretending like they don’t exist won’t make them go away. At the very least keep up with the news and current events so that you know what is happening in the world around you! How can you know where your life is going if you don’t know what’s going on all around you?

As if you didn’t know, it makes me crazy! I had a brief conversation with one chatter and to me it was not inflammatory at all. We were having adult conversation — talking about educating yourself to what’s going on, but apparently people in the room thought we were fighting. Is that what the Millenium generation thinks? That having a conversation that doesn’t revolve around T&A and drinking and football and other light-hearted topics is not worthwhile and is boring and uninteresting? I am afraid to see what our society will be like in 20 years. If no one cares about the things around them, what will become of us? People complain that other countries have overtaken us in education and in the workforce, but if we don’t value these things as important, how will we overcome this problem?

I don’t have the answers. I am no saying I am making a positive impact to help with any of this, BUT — I do care and I do vaule the knowledge I get from reading, watching, having intelligent conversation with people. I suppose JTV is just not the place to get that on most channels, is it?

Maybe lifecasting is really about Getting Away from Life-casting.


To Make

  • 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons peanut oil
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne
  • 2 cups unsalted blanched almonds
  • Sea Salt

Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add the coconut and toast, tossing occasionally, until it turns an even light brown, being careful not to let it burn, about 2 minutes. Immediately transfer to a bowl and set aside.

Reduce heat to medium and add the oil. Stir in the honey and cayenne. When the oil and honey are combined, add the almonds and stir until they are evenly coated. Add the toasted coconut and gently stir until the nuts are evenly coated with coconut. Season with sea salt to taste. Immediately transfer nuts to a large nonstick baking sheet and spread them out to cool. Transfer to a bowl and serve.


10 Responses

  1. A few times I have tried to drum up some conversation regarding books and current events on my channel- but, it seems that not many people are interested in that here. I started to feel bad about that and then I realized that content on JTV mirrors what the mainstream is interested in. Speaking for me only, apart from your channel, few channels that hit the top bar are those that I am interested in and many times I visit JTV only to leave because I don’t find anything that interests me. As JTV grows, I am hoping that more diverse and eclectic channels will emerge and flourish and when they do – I will support them with my viewership. Until then, the monkey channel will have to do. He is pretty darned cute with his baby wipe.

  2. Justopia:

    Great posting! I can only agree with you, people my age or younger do not care about politics and its sad. I am get frustrated at times when I look around me and nobody seems to care about the problems that plague us in this country and around the world. I am even more frustrated when I watch the news and they do a story like I saw this Saturday about how Tanya Harding’s bodyguard died last week. I mean really. That’s the best we can come up with??? When it comes to international news, our news outlets can really only depend on the AP and video from overseas. They do not have the resources to cover the world like the BBC or the CBC does because they think we are too stupid and don’t care. Geography is not taught is schools. Ahh I am done venting!

    Ok please visit my myspace page, I took a picture with you in mind!

    Also any chance you’ll make holiday cookies this week??

  3. Hey PC,

    What’s really wacked is that the news I would see on CNN when living overseas was so different. It was actually news about the world. The US got a little bit of time on the radar, but we would be informed about things in far flung places that so many here don’t even know exist. The BBC, CNN and the German Channel had good coverage. And yes, we were still bombarded with advertising on CNN, but it was for much different products like large global insurance companies and things that big business is interested in because the viewers were people like me — expats paid by Fortune 50’s or 500’s that sent employees overseas to work. US papers were available, although delayed. And the … shoot! I don’t remember the name of the international paper that uses news wires for their stories — was a great way to get a synopsis of what was going around in the world.

    Ok, enough venting for me as well.

    I plan to make Rugelach pinwheel cookies tonight! DEElicious!

    I’ll check out your Myspace when I get back from work.


  4. Yeah Cindy, I wondered how many viewers you’d get that would want to discuss things that you were looking to get into. Such is life. I haven’t spent a great deal of time with Justin, but when I have, he’s made me smile. I would not want to have one as a pet, but he sure is cute to watch.

  5. Hi Justopia,

    Well, speaking as at least one of the people that you were trying to have a conversation with, I can understand part of your frustration. You had a genuine concern about a news issue, and wanted to discuss it calmly and intelligently. You and I did try to begin to talk, but you are right, people thought that we were having some sort of argument. I was sorry to see you leave the room that night, I would have liked to spoken with you more.

    However, I guess the other side of the coin is the difficulty in trying to find the appropriate forum in JTV to bring up “current events/politics” et. al. . In Arnaud’s room, we do tend to go in to just blow off steam and act a bit silly. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are incapable of intelligent conversation, if *at the moment* we want nothing more than to just hear some music or chat with a friend. That may have been the true crux of our discussion, Justopia. (Or not, again, just throwing an idea out there into the void…)

    Anyway, I did enjoy my conversation with you, however halting it might have been. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

  6. Hi Stadol,

    Thanks for taking the time to not only make your way to the blog and read but to comment. I should not have gotten frustrated and thrown my hands up in and left so abruptly. There have been times in the almost 9 months that I’ve been hanging around and blogging and now lifecasting on JTV that there have been some great conversations around “here, but more often it is just silliness. I guess last night I wasn’t in the mood for light-hearted.

    I was having a good time hearing what someone from thousands of miles away had to say about his perceptions of the situation. Having been an expat in 3 countries for a number of years since 1999, I’ve learned so much and have discovered that although we are all so similar in some respectes, we are incredibly different as well and it’s just fun to me to hear what others have to say.

    I’m always around, but don’t do as much channel watching now that I’ve been doing a cooking broadcast nightly. Time seems to evaporate. I hope to catch up with you soon.


  7. Hey Justopia, your article is great. My english is not really good enough to exactly understand everything you told, but i am making my best to get better day after day. I got the principal though. It’s the second time, i try a little bit to speak about something serious and it is the second time that everybody is asking me to change the subject. So i can just agree. Its sad that people are not showing more interest to what is going on in the world. There is something else that i don’t like a lot, but maybe i am wrong about it, when i watched the news in the us, I didn’t hear a lot about what was going on in the world, but i heard everything about what was going on in small city in the state regarding the channel i was watching, like a cat stucked and that it took 3 hours to bring him down the tree. Plus the fact that young today don’t show a lot of interest, I don’t know what to say. I speak about what is going on in the news a lot with my friends in France, we speak about politics all the time when we have dinner and things like this. When i see how it was when i was 15 and when i see the 15 years old young of today, i am honestly scared of how it will be in 20 years. Thank you to speak about it and to put it in your blog. People will read it and maybe think twice next time they are on a channel.



  8. Justopia,

    I agree with Stadol concerning the fact that some of us in Arnaud’s channel are indeed capable on intelligent conversation. You did leave in a hurry, and I was trying to tell you at the time you left that I was appreciating reading yours and Stadol’s conversation. I just wanted you to know that I enjoy watching your channel and I understand your frustrations,

  9. Hiya Prez,

    Thanks for the read and the comment. I am sorry I left in such a rush. I thought it was best I just bow out rather than stir things up since people didn’t seem to be interested. Thanks for watching my channel too. I don’t know if you’ve been to Justopia.com in the past 2 days, but we now have a two camera set up with one camera focused on the stovetop and the other on me. It’s really really cool, but and I say BUT … you can only see it if you are in Justopia.com. It won’t be possible to see the split screen broadcast in Justin.tv, so please hop on over to http://www.justopia.com/ for the best user experience.


  10. Hiya Arnaud!

    You put a lot of time into the comment and don’t worry about the language gap — you do very very well! I too am worried about the future. The people that are not interested in the world are our future leaders. What does that leave us with? 😦 Anyway, I was interested in what you were saying, but I think your fans are more into the fun part of what you do, so that’s cool.

    Come check out the great stuff going on at justopia.com. It’s an awesome broadcast out there each night!

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