Channel Improvements and Some Gingerbread Ornament Photos



Sumdance’s Tree with Justopian Gingerbread Cookies

I bought a camera a few months ago, but could never get it to work with the Mac. I’d plan to scout out an inexpensive PC so I didn’t bother to return it. Well, today I’m happy to say we now have a 2 camera set up in my kitchen. Ascetically it’s a bit of a nightmare with network cables running from the office to the kitchen (thank goodness for 50ft. cables) and a huge lug of a computer, a monitor, keyboard and mouse on a table in the kitchen and then a truly wonky camera set up with a couple of bamboo cutting board kind of cantilevered on the inside and outside of what used to be my spice cabinet so that we could get a good aerial shot of the range top.

This is going to be great for viewers and it’s going to make my life so much easier — must more hassle free. I won’t have to be moving the Macbook back and forth and up and down to attempt to get a good shot of the food prep. The beauty of it all is that it’s possible to manage the new camera remotely so that whomever is producing the show has the ability to do this from afar.

Gifts Arrive


I spent some time at the post office this week and mailed out trivia challenge prizes. One of the packages was to Sumdance who won the gingerbread cookies. They didn’t all make it. I was afraid of that, but she did manage to get some of them on the tree. It’s great to see that they were put to good use.


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