Nothing to Watch


Breakfast for dinner — steamed corn tortilla with carnitas and a fried egg and last night’s extra timbale

It looks like I am going to have to resort to broadcast television, but I turned it on and tuned into CNN and Larry King was on. That was not much more interesting than what I found on the channel bar on JTV. Josh Groban and Toby Keith. It was the kick-off to his “Christmas Countdown.” I tried watching for a few minutes and was just not into it. I think I’ve acquired an attention deficit disorder of some type. I suspect it is because I usually don’t have full-blown conversations anymore. I speak in snippets, in incomplete sentences. I have been so busy jumping from broadcast to broadcast since the network became riddled with channels that lack content looking for something to draw my attention that I have lost the ability to concentrate.

I had a problem with concentration before JTV came along and the problem has only gotten worse. I still use few conjunctions and try to type in complete sentences, but find myself lapsing into a style of writing that is not like me. It lacks “life,” which seems indicative of these days. I’m trying to understand why watching Justin 24/7 was so much more interesting and what I’ve come up with is — Community. I’ve talked about Community being the glue that holds JTV together and once again this is what I have surmised is that case here.


Sumdance sent mail saying she received the cookies and will be taking photos once the gingerbread people are on the tree.

While watching Justin sleep or go to the bathroom or battle the Streets of San Francisco was about as droll as watching one of the college girls plant herself in front of her camera and talk about nothing of any interest to anyone, the chatter in Lobby1 or the PeanutGallery chat rooms was lively and more interesting than what goes on in most channels these days. We knew we could count on each other being in the channel at some point during the day or night and we became used to each other’s schedules. I wrote about the type of chatters and the kind of schedule we could rely on as the days would progress from sunup to sundown with intelligent conversation in the mornings until sometime in the afternoon when the “kiddies and pervs” would appear and stir things up.

I’m not complaining that people have spread out and have found their own interests in various channels. Change is good. Change is evolution. Change is opportunity, but as JTV changes so does this blog and it’s time to shake things up. Time to change things up and create something here that is fun, informative, interesting and more interactive. I’d like your input. I’d like to hear what you think and your ideas on how you’d like to see the blog evolve.

Post a comment. Let’s start a dialog on this.


4 Responses

  1. Remember when Justin used to say his life was boring … little did he know what he was creating!!! I love the idea of bringing some community into the blog … not sure how but great idea. Count me in!

  2. Hey there Gemini!

    Thanks for reading and for the comment. We’ll get this blog rolling again. It just needs new life.

  3. I agee that most of the JTV channels are after a few minutes pretty much a waste of time. There is the novelty factor, and the “famous” factor where all will head to the “most” popular channels.

    As probably the world’s OLDEST livecaster, at age 61 I’ve tried to just show what I do daily while at the computer, editing my local online news and then chatting with the folks brave enough or curious enough to talk with someone probably twice or thrice their own age.

    I find it an interesting challenge to ask questions and try to comment with some intelligibility and occassional wisdom to those interested enough to stay more than a few minutes.

    JTV offers a challenge to change the world I think…and hopefully the mixture of categories of livecasters and entertainers may help us all along to a better world.

    World’s OLDEST Lifecaster?

  4. Hi Don,

    Thanks for reading and for commenting. Which channel do you broadcast on? I don’t think JTV is going to be the place for world-changing news or conversation. At least not yet. 🙂

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