Food Photos Tonight


I made a fairly detailed dinner tonight. The chicken was not the issue, it was the Mediterranean Eggplant Timbale, but it was well worth the effort. I thought I’d share some photos.


The Timbale unmolded


Eggplant, Tomato Sauce (like Puttanesca), Pasta, Feta and Provolone Cheese and Breadcrumbs


Roast chicken and gravy, Mediterranean Eggplant Timable and Roasted Onion


Ok, it’s 1am. After digging out of the mess in the kitchen I did some research for and the blog and am at the point where I can’t think any longer, so I am going to hang it up for the night.


5 Responses

  1. I never seen anything like that and it sure looks yummy!

  2. Hey Scott!

    It was really good. A lot of people don’t care for eggplant, but when cooked properly, it’s really great.

  3. That does look really interesting. I wish I could taste it.

  4. You must eat ”mousaka” from Greece.You would definetaly love it!!!

  5. Hi Αποστόλης!

    I’ve had mousaka and do love it. Thanks for reading and sending the suggestion. I think it will be a great dish to make later this week! It’s going to be DEElicious!

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