New “Stuff” and a Question


As JTV works on network improvements, work goes on in the background on I am back to being a dual platform woman. It’s been 6 days short of a year since I last put my hands on a Windows machine and having both on my desk is a little funny. I want to click the Apple key where there isn’t one and am sure I will get used to the Windows sounds again.

In the meantime, getting things set up leaves me with less time than I’ve had lately to write here. But in order to get things set up and running well, I am not going to be as prolific as usual with my words and pictures, but improvement is a good thing, right?

Also, I am moving the blog over to It’s not quite ready, but as soon as it is, I’ll let you know.   Now, on to just one other thing …


The holiday season typically means traveling to visit family or having family come to visit.  I just came back from EastCoastVegas’s channel and noticed a new stop on his map and am getting all giddy inside.  It looks like he’s rolling his way from Beaumont, Texas to Washington, DC!  Does he know I live in the area?  😉  Does this have anything to do with the Hype and drama that’s been going on about my blog?  If he’s going to be just 20 minutes away will he come see me for dinner?  Or will he be diverted due to the wintry weather that’s barreling it’s way to the East?


2 Responses

  1. i have a question, can you host wordpress blog at other web host and still get all teh feature you will here if you host your blog at wordpress

  2. Jason,

    I haven’t moved it yet, but yes, that’s the objective. That you get all the cool stuff wherever you have it hosted. There is a good FAQ at and I would check those for answers.

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