To Write or Not to Write?

What Prompted This?

I headed over to the email address to pick up the evening’s mail and to see what kind of writer’s prompts might be waiting for me. I found one. It came from Kirsten and it was the same prompt she sent in the room which I really didn’t get the chance to read at the time. This is the prompt:

Writer’s Prompt: “I dreamed last night that I was at a holiday banquet with all the celebrities of Justin.TV. There was ECV, Aussie Bloke, iTed, GingerJoy77, and Arnaud from Paris. I got up to give a toast…”

I am stuck with this one though. I have been remiss in my viewing and am not really familiar with Aussie Bloke or GingerJoy77. I did watch AussieBloke one weekend morning a number of weeks ago, but haven’t been back and have only seen GingerJoy77 when EastCoastVegas has played clips of her on his show, so I’m not well versed on either.

I like the idea of this scenario, but don’t think I can do it justice since I really don’t know the characters and while it would be possible to make it all up, I am going to take a pass. What I will do is suggest who i think might possibly qualify as “JTV Celebrities. iJustine. Justin. The list is short. I am considering them as having JTV celebrity status simply because they have actually garnered media attention. While maybe not huge, hot, Access Hollywood type attention, there have been articles written and television appearances for both and that is how I would rank them with “celebrity” status.

Now, if I were at a holiday banquet with these two and needed to give a toast, I’d stand up, hold out my glass and say:

I’ve spent countless hours with you. Sometimes watching you sleep — waiting…waiting…waiting for you to wake up. I’ve gone to the bathroom with you Justin and I’ve stared at your screen Justine while you were off in the shower. I’ve come to know you like a brother and sister and while we’ve never talked face to face, I feel as though there has not been a time when I didn’t “know” you. Your foibles and your folly, your happiness and your public hell. To your persistence and your perseverance.  For the good times and the bad, for the all nighters and the time fillers, I raise my glass to you and say; May the best of this year be the worst of the next.


3 Responses

  1. You do realize, Justopia, that you are one of the celebrities also.

    Speaking of which…..Any idea of what happened to GG Jeffy? I do miss his channel.

  2. Hi Bkiff!

    I’m not sure I am a celeb, but thanks for the compliment!! I am surely one of the addicted, obsessed, fanatics. 🙂

    I don’t know what happened to GGJ. I guess he’s floated off into the sunset.

  3. Awww! I just read this! I guess I should have made the people more general. Hmm. Those are all people I try to watch. The last week or two has been mainly just watching your blog because so many other people are on holidays.

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