Alternative Lifecasting and a Big Surprise and Putting Rumors to Bed


When I came home from work and tuned into JTV I saw … well … I saw almost nothing. The channel bar was not quite full and I headed into The Roxie’s room. She was trying to broadcast, but it was a terrible experience for both broadcaster and viewers. She’d be on for a few seconds, start buffering and be offline. It went like this for a long time and I eventually gave up. I raised the white flag of surrender.


Short Ribs with BBQ Sauce, Riced (Mashed) Potatoes, Pico de Gallo and Guacamole

There was really nothing else on the bar that interested me, so I moved on and got ready for my broadcast. We decided that since the JTV network was so unstable, it would be a good idea to try an alternative broadcasting site. So i headed over to and launched the show there to It was a solid feed, people found their way to, got logged in and were able to watch short ribs and mashed potatoes be prepared and interact with each other.


I’ve asked for recipe suggestions or requests and have received one — a recipe for Chinese Stir Fry. I will make that next week and will add my own twist to it, but need more suggestions and requests. It’s funny. Whenever someone makes a request, they don’t seem to be watching when I make their dish. Tonight I made barbecued short ribs, but the two people that made the request did not come by. Or maybe they did but were just quietly watching. The ribs came out really great, but they will have the opportunity to see it all in the episode once I get it prepared and we get it posted. We put together dough for sugar cookies and I will roll, cut and get them decorated tomorrow before I head out to work.


I was pleasantly surprised when a friend pinged me and told me that Spookygrl was broadcasting tonight! There she was in all her Spookiness between the fits and starts of JTV, but smiling all the while. I want to see her channel when the network is not having so many problems! That makes the second person that’s co-broadcast on that has decided to launch their own program. As we progress and more people have the chance to join me in the show, I wonder how many more will take the plunge and start their own channel?

The Rumormill

ECV returned tonight. He showed up outside a McDonald’s in Birmingham, Alabama alongside OmegaJ. When the battery on the laptop died, they moved to show to Omega’s house where things were in a bit of a shamble, but that was because Omega was expecting a film crew to show up in the morning for some kind of movie filming. He had all the furniture moved around and much of it draped with sheets to protect it from the craziness that will likely ensue.

People in the room were going nuts asking questions and of course the big one was about just what happened on Wednesday to get ECV to leave the broadcast. He did not disclose any details, but did clear up some rumors, a big one being that he was not being sued for defamation, he was not forced off the air by anything that involved any legal matters. He said that it had to do with things that made him feel that the production crew was in some kind of danger, but no details were forthcoming.


He did reveal that he is taking the EastCoastVegas show on the road and will be traveling west in an RV and will end up in San Francisco soon. He seemed to say that duration for this roadtrip will be about two weeks. I just have one question — did they consider the potential for severe winter weather to hamper their travel plans at any point? I suppose it’s a good sign that they are traveling to the west and from the looks of it right now, they are taking the southern route.

I told ECV tonight that if he comes this way he will have the best meal of his trip if he stops by my place. We’ll see what happens.


7 Responses

  1. hey! this is something i called , bad food!

  2. i am a pure vegetarian , avoid non veg !……..

  3. I enjoyed watching you via Ustream last night. There was much less hassle. Hopefully JTV will work out their kinks soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m taking a VERY scary plunge for sure on JTV. But….it will be interesting to play around with it for a bit. See what happens. Have a little spooky fun! Thanks for being such a good friend to me always.*******spookylicious hugs******* ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That’s key Spooks — just having fun with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ok Entertainment, I hear you. What I write about and the show I broadcast each night doesn’t appeal to everyone. Good, bad or indifferent — thanks for reading and for the comments.

  7. Hi Kirsten,

    I agree, it was much more hassle-free, however, not being on the channel bar kept people from knowing I was around, so those that don’t automatically come to and don’t follow me on Twitter missed the show last night.

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